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Magnums of Quintarelli's Outstanding "Baby Amarone"
January 13, 2020
A Note from Sergio

The late, great Giuseppe Quintarelli became world famous for the wines he made with the Veneto's appassimento technique, a painstaking method of partially drying the grapes before you crush them, ferment them, and make wine from them. It's a risky business because you're working with partially raisined grapes that are high in sugar and thus potentially high in alcohol. Done badly, an appassimento wine is a disjointed monster. Done well, it's a concentrated and balanced beauty. Done by Quintarelli, it's a magical elixir--and that's true whether you're talking about Quintarelli's legendary Amarone, the estate's insanely good Cabernet Alzero, or its humble Valpolicella Classico Superiore.

While Bepi Quintarelli passed away years ago, his legacy continues. Bepi left his estate in the hands of his children, who make wines as he taught them (and as Bepi himself learned from his father). The only innovations that Bepi brought to his winemaking were, ironically, to craft his wines more traditionally, more methodically, more idiosyncratically, in smaller amounts, and with more care. This is how he came to revolutionize Valpolicella--by bringing the appassimento method to bear, a protocol usually reserved for Amarone. If you are an enthusiast new to Quintarelli, there is no better way to get to know the estate than by its Valpolicella, and today, I'm delighted to bring you magnums of Quintarelli's monumental 2011 Valpolicella, a wine that deserves its large format bottles.

Quintarelli's '11 Valpolicella is an astonishingly good wine, and it may recalibrate everything you thought you knew about Valpolicella--enjoy!

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Giuseppe Quintarelli Valpolicella 2011 1.5L
Giuseppe Quintarelli Valpolicella 2011 1.5L
Price: $319.00

Quintarelli’s 2011 Valpolicella is one of the greatest we’ve seen, which is saying a lot. Spicy red and blue berries mingle with warm earth, cigar wrapper, cedar wood, dried rose petals, and underbrush in a seductive, seamless whole. While this wine has a pleasing tannic heft, its bright skein of acidity surprises with a counterweight, and the wine’s lush, sweet fruit is offset by savory minerality--just gorgeous! Crafted from a mélange of indigenous Veneto grape varietals, grapes dry for two months in the appassimento technique before pressing and fermentation. This wine ages for seven years in Slavonian oak botti before bottling, a protocol unheard of in the region but one the estate maintains to create nuanced and structured, complex Valpolicella with some appropriate maturity. An opportunity to experience Quintarelli magic at an affordable price point, this Valpolicella is a true “baby Amarone.” more info