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Dal Forno Quintet, Your Winter Rosato, and Emmanuel Rouget’s Collector Must-Have
January 20, 2016
A Note from Sergio

I've often said that Amarone is a tough wine to make well, but that generalization doesn't explain why, so let me offer some specifics. The average bottle of wine requires a little over two pounds of grapes. Amarone requires around 23 pounds--about ten times as much--because of the appassimento technique that Amarone makers use to make the wine. The appassimento technique partially dries the grapes, usually for about three months, before pressing them into wine. Producers once spread the grapes on straw mats and hope for the best; these days, they fill rooms with trays where they spread their grapes to dry. The appassimento technique doesn't merely require much more raw material to make the wine; it also requires more room, incurs more loss, and needs more money for equipment. And that's all before you even begin to ferment the grapes.

Romano Dal Forno learned from his mentor, the late, great Giuseppe Quintarelli, that very dense plantings and very low yields were the foundation for great Amarone. Dal Forno has one of the densest vineyard plantings in Italy--around 5,200 plants per acre--and one of the lowest yields per plant--around 11 ounces of grapes. Take a moment and do the math: if Dal Forno needs about 23 pounds of grapes for each bottle of wine, and each plant produces just 11 ounces, the estate uses the fruit of 33.5 plants in each bottle of wine. It's no wonder that Dal Forno hasn't raised its production levels in almost twenty years--and it's no wonder that this estate makes some of the most intense wines on the planet.

Today, I'm delighted to present five different Dal Forno bottlings, including the estate's newest release, its crazily decadent 2009 Amarone. These five different wines--two Amarones, two Valpolicellas (which are like "baby Amarone" bottles in Dal Forno's hands), and one dessert bottling--are all extraordinary, and each one is a glowing tribute to its maker, its type, and its land, the Veneto. Along with this quintet are one beautiful bottle from Raffaele Palma and another from Emmanuel Rouget. These wines will have you dancing through winter!

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Dal Forno Romano Veneto Passito Vigna Sere 2004 375ml
Dal Forno Romano Veneto Passito Vigna Sere 2004 375ml
Regular Price $249.00
Emmanuel Rouget Vosne Romanee Les Beaumonts 2011 750ml
Emmanuel Rouget Vosne Romanee Les Beaumonts 2011 750ml
Price: $499.00