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Valdicava 2015 Brunello Splits, a Great Thing in a Small Package!
January 21, 2020
A Note from Sergio

All great winemakers have a few things in common. They have terrific microclimates that will grow terrific grapes. They have the skillset to coax the most out of those grapes in order to showcase their vineyards' terroir and the unique flavors of the vintage. And they have a vision that guides them in their craft so that their wines are personal expressions, even when the wines conform to rules and regulations.

Montalcino's Vincenzo Abbruzzese is one of those great winemakers. His estate, Valdicava, sits in the coldest part of Toscana's Brunello zone, which lends an elegance to Valdicava's wines, and which Abbruzzese enhances with biodynamic growing--his vineyards are gorgeous meadows that teem with wildlife. Abbruzzese has earned a reputation for being a single-minded, exacting and meticulous producer of near infuriating status. Valdicava's Brunello is a beautiful explosion of Sangiovese Grosso, wild grasses and flowers, warm loam, hints of cedar and a kiss of the Montalcino wind, and it could come from nowhere else but Valdicava's vineyards.

Today, I'm very excited to present 375ml bottles of Valdicava's showstopping 2015 Brunello. 2015 was an astonishingly good growing year across most of Italy, and it gifted Montalcino's producers with the kind of weather that they dream about--and they have given us the kind of Brunello we dream about! Vincenzo turned the vintage's raw materials into a perfectly balanced, harmonious Brunello that feels seamless, powerful, finessed, and complete. This wine is stunning, and today's splits will let you enjoy it earlier than standard bottles.


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My Best,

Sergio Esposito