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Debuting Paolo Bea Rosso del Veo 2007, Andre Clouet, and Exclusive Chianti!
January 22, 2014
A Note from Sergio

People often ask if the wines of Paolo Bea are biodynamic or just organic. The long answer, mired as it is in the bog of Italian winemaking regulations and Rudolph Steiner philosophy, is somewhat too complicated to provide. The short answer isn't. The short answer is this: it doesn't matter.

Montefalco's Paolo Bea bases its winemaking practices on the philosophy that "nature should be observed, heard, understood, not dominated." Watching the winemakers of Paulo Bea (Paolo remains the head of the estate,  but day-to-day operations are in the hands of his sons Guiseppe and Giampiero) is like watching a very, very careful and loving shepherd. The winemakers trust in nature to provide for their flock, and they take every possible care to treat nature with the highest possible respect. In this time of mechanized everything, it's an amazing thing to see people who let nature do its thing. It's not surprising that the products of this non-interventionist approach are some serious, unusual and unutterably gorgeous wines.

It helps that the grape Bea is most devoted to is Montefalco's Sagrantino. Though Bea grows other grapes, it's the Sagrantino that gives the estate its cult status. Sagrantino, the most tannic grape in the universe, is a varietal of great power, complexity and suppleness. It's a grape that makes a sensuous, wily wine that while bursting with dark fruits also retains a seductive funkiness. Bea's Sagrantino is a wine that makes me think of one of those incredibly beautiful art-school hippie girls who smells faintly of roses and patchouli and whom you remember long after you've left college behind. Like that memory, this is a wine that only gets better as it grows older.

I'm delighted to debut the latest vintage of Bea's entry-level Sagrantino, Rosso del Veo 2007. If you're the kind of connoisseur who revels in wines that are wild, unusual, audacious and beautiful, you'll appreciate this Bea Sagrantino wine; it's a true wine for true wine-lovers. Along with the Bea, I'm very happy to offer one of IWM's signature Champagnes, Andre Clouet 1911, at special pricing for a limited time. The holidays may have ended, but it's always good to have great Champagne on hand for special celebrations, including Valentine's Day. Finally, I'm delighted to offer an IWM exclusive, La Sala 2011 Chianti Classico. It's a simple Chianti that's simply great, and thus a paradoxically complex wine.

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Sergio Esposito

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Andre Clouet Champagne Cuvee 1911 NV
Andre Clouet Champagne Cuvee 1911 NV 750ml
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