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Commemorative Paolo Scavino Barolo Riserva, Your Go-To Burgundy, and Vintage Giuseppe Mascarello
January 28, 2016
A Note from Sergio

Paolo Scavino saw the untapped potential when he established his estate in Castiglione Falletto in 1921, soon bottling some of the best wines within the Langhe from his Bric dël Fiasc vineyard. The estate marked its place in history when, in 1978, Enrico Scavino urged his father, Paolo, to make a single-vineyard Barolo from that special Bric dël Fiasc plot, and it became the estate's most renowned wine. Enrico, along with Valentino Migliorini and about ten others, was responsible for the movement that changed the character and direction of Barolo forever. These men were dubbed "The Barolo Boys," the winemakers often credited for making Barolo internationally popular.
The "Barolo Boys" were modernists, marketers, and technology lovers, and they were, as much as any winemaker can be, icons of pop culture. From their ranks, Scavino, a boxy gentleman with a soft smile, had risen to become a global rock star. He sold to America, England, France, Germany, Belgium, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Russia, Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Singapore. He became a media darling, a renowned winemaker, and a very rich man. Enrico continues to run the winery, along with daughters Enrica and Elisa, and the family wines remain some of the most age-worthy and memorable Piemonte expressions.
Today, I'm very proud to present a wine that was thirty years in the making: Paolo Scavino 2008 Barolo Riserva Bric dël Fiasc. It celebrates the creation of Scavino's first cru wine, but even more than that, it celebrates the history of this iconic estate. It's a massive, towering wine, but it's also deeply aromatic, wafting with Nebbiolo, Piemonte terroir, incense and the care of Enrico, his family, and his team--and the love of Paolo, who made it possible. This '08 Barolo Riserva is more than a bottle of wine. It's time in a bottle, and it is beautiful.
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