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Drink-Me-Now Talenti Brunello! Under $52 With Special Pricing!
January 3, 2020
A Note from Sergio

Americans--especially American wine insiders--love wine tastings. Industry-sponsored events usually take place in cold, vast rooms packed with purple-lipped masses of people who line up for their turn to sip, swirl, and expel the 250th gulp of the day into the communal spittoon. The participants pack their notebooks with pages full of observations and judgments. "A tannic monster, clumsy and bitter." "Tremendous dimension, supple and full-bodied, with a terrific fleshy finish." "Oak, clove cigarette, rich hints of concentrated pineapple juice and Egyptian musk, high drinkability." These people seemed determined to master as many wines as they can in order to consider themselves accomplished oenophiles, able to size up a wine within seconds and move on to the next one.

I try not to attend those gatherings. I understand a wine best when I drink it the way I was taught: at the table with my friends and family. In my home, wine isn't doled out gingerly or swirled and spat. We don't analyze its mid-palate. Wine isn't reserved for people over the age of 21 or for haughty connoisseurs; I don't believe that wine is for people with deep pockets or a vast knowledge of grapes, regions, and techniques. Wine is for everyone who enjoys it. A glass of wine should bring joy, companionship, and conviviality.

What I have learned from growing up in Italy, where wine is intrinsic to the culture, is that you can better comprehend a wine by not judging it. Don't evaluate, just enjoy it. Don't score, just drink it. I guarantee you'll find better appreciation, more knowledge, and a deeper understanding of wine if you don't stress the details. Today's eLetter has a pair of delicious Brunello wines from Talenti's Pian di Conte estate, and they are ready to drink now (though you can cellar them for years). Enjoy these wines on their own terms, in the warmth of your own home, and with the company of people you love--in other words, enjoy these Talenti wines like Italians.

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My Best,

Sergio Esposito