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Grattamacco’s Fascinating 2016 Flagship Debuts!
January 31, 2020
A Note from Sergio

Many people forget that Grattamacco was among the original Super-Tuscan winemakers in Bolgheri--only Tenuta San Guido and its Sassicaia preceded Grattamacco's Bolgheri Rosso. Maybe it's because Grattamacco was second, or maybe it's because it lacks the aristocratic cachet of the Incisa della Rocchetta family, but Grattamacco's Rosso has always been overshadowed by its neighbor, Sassicaia. Grattamacco has always ridden shotgun in the Super-Tuscan car, yet it seems as if the estate is content to sit slightly in the shadows, the favorite of wine-lovers in the know. After all, it's easy to be a fan of wines whose names register with even people who don't care much about wine. Only the truly passionate--and discerning--fill their cellars with wines like Grattamacco's.

Today, I'm very proud to debut Grattamacco's 2016 Bolgheri Rosso Superiore, the winery's flagship wine that manages to surprise me every vintage. I don't know if it's Grattamacco's insane vineyards, which never manage to get too hot in hot years or too wet in wet years or too dry in dry years. I don't know if it's the methods of the estate's team, who build their own grape-sorting contraptions and tinker endlessly with the single-minded purpose of scientists. But I do know that Grattamacco always defies my expectations.

In 2016, a vintage when I expect a big wine, Grattamacco has given me a lean, elegant one, and that's the magic of Grattamacco. Today's debut has all the super-ripe fruits you'd expect from 2016's heat, but it's also savory, muscular, and electric. This is a fascinating wine, and it's going to age really nicely.


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My Best,

Sergio Esposito
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Grattamacco Bolgheri Rosso Superiore 2016 750ml
Grattamacco Bolgheri Rosso Superiore 2016 750ml
Price: $99.99

Intense and delineated, the elegant, muscular ’16 Bolgheri Rosso Superiore frames its succulent red berries and sumptuous blue fruits with savory earth, fresh Mediterranean herbs, pencil lead, cedar shavings, and underbrush. This wine’s elements hold a striking balance as it seamlessly welds its forest fruits with forest floor, its chewy tannins with keen acidity, and its peppery spices with subtle minerality. A blend of 65% Cabernet Sauvignon, 20% Merlot and 15% Sangiovese, this wine derives from vines averaging 20 years of age, grown in soils of calcareous sandstone, marl and clay. The grapes vinify for about two weeks in cone-shaped oak vats, with malolactic fermentation taking place in stainless steel; the wine ages for about 18 months in barriques, followed by a year in bottle before release. The product of a hot growing year that ended in a picture-perfect harvest, Grattamacco’s 2016 flagship invites early enjoyability, but if you can wait to drink it, your patience will be rewarded. more info