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Seductive Gaja '12 Rossj Bass, Great Gaja '05 Sorì Tildìn, Valdicava Mini Vertical!
January 5, 2015 
A Note from Sergio

Welcome back to the working week! I know how it feels to go back to the office after the holidays, and the best way I could think to ease your transition was to offer some seriously excellent wine from producers you know and love--Angelo Gaja and Valdicava.

The two bottlings from Angelo Gaja, his Chardonnay Rossj Bass from 2012 and his Barbaresco Sorì Tildìn from 2005, show how Gaja is one producer who has stayed on top of the heap. The '12 Rossj Bass is a glorious bottle; ripe without being flabby, it's an elegant wine that's kissed with a wild sauvage quality. And the '05 Sorì Tildìn might just be the wine of the vintage. It's difficult to be as consistently great as Angelo Gaja has been. For almost 50 years, the Gaja estate has set the standard for collectable Italian wines, and as Angelo slowly transitions the estate to his daughter Gaia, it seems to grow even better.

I'm also pleased to present a three-vintage mini-vertical of Brunello di Montalcino from Valdicava. No doubt you diminished your cellar's Brunello supply over the holidays. This trio of '07, '08, and '09 Valdicava Brunello will put your reserves back where they belong. Valdicava's Vincenzo Abbruzzese is one of the most devoted, conscientious producers I know, and his Brunellos feel like drinking velvet. These are wines you want to put in your cellar to pop when you have people you want to impress--or when you want to treat yourself to something very special.


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Sergio Esposito