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25 Vintages of Masseto, Barolo Meets Rhone in Ancient Campania, Rioja Dinner, and More

January 7, 2013
A Note from Sergio

Naples is my birthplace. Even though my family left Naples in 1974, I still feel inextricably attached to Naples--and to Campania. The rolling land; the ancient and turbulent history; the food whose smells and tastes offer immediate Pavlovian and Proustian responses; the incomparable light; and, of course, the wine. These things are all a part of me. Southern Italy is in my blood.


It always warms my heart to introduce my clients and my friends to new Italian wines, but it's rarely more gratifying than when those wines come from the region of my childhood. The volcanic soil, the constant breezes that sweep across the sea, the hills rising into mountains, the ancient grape varieties--all of these things work together in creating the wines of Enotria, as Campania was known to the ancient world, the near-mythical land of wine. Today's selections from Galardi and De Conciliis take two ancient grapes, Aglianico and Piedirosso, and bring them into the modern world. They're simply great wines.


Today I'm delighted to offer both Galardi Terra di Lavoro, the "garage wine" that earned a cult following, and De Conciliis Aglianico Donnaluna, a modern spin on an age-old grape. In their own way, each wine illustrates why Greeks and Romans prized the wines of Enotria--and how a sip of each can take me "home," if only in spirit. Open a bottle and enjoy the warmth of Italy's South.



Today's Featured Sections Include: 


1. Spotlight on Excellence: The Roman's Ancient Red

2. Only at IWM: Barolo Meets Bordeaux and Hermitage in Campania's Cult Wine 

3. Time Sensitive Offer: 25 Vintage of the Iconic Masseto (1987-2009)

4. Wine Events: Vintage Rioja Dinner and More        


My Best, 



Sergio Esposito