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Under $50 Nebbiolo from Boutique Hilberg-Pasquero!
January 7, 2020
A Note from Sergio

Entrancing and almost mystical, Nebbiolo is the grape that defines the wines of the Langhe. While the region grows other grapes--Barbera and Dolcetto provide the meat and potatoes to many of the Langhe's winemakers--Nebbiolo is royalty; it's what makes Barolo the king and Barbaresco the queen. Like Pinot Noir in Burgundy, Nebbiolo wine changes drastically depending on where the grapes grow and how the producer makes it into wine. However flexible, wine made from Nebbiolo is distinctive. It wafts with tar and flower petals; it's got these slightly medicinal herbs, a translucent red color, and an otherworldly, ethereal feel; all these attributes plus its deep fruit and tobacco finish set it apart.

Nebbiolo has an uncanny ability to age because of its tannins and acidity, but age-worthy Barolo and Barbaresco aren't Nebbiolo's only achievements--and this is a good thing! Today, I'm delighted to present a terrific Nebbiolo from Hilberg-Pasquero, the estate's 2013 Nebbiolo d'Alba. 2013 is an outstanding vintage for Piemonte and an outrageous year for Nebbiolo, and Hilberg-Pasquero's '13 Langhe Nebbiolo is a pure, juicy delight that foreshadows the year's Barolo, offers a terrific introduction to the estate, and shows an early-drinking side of the Langhe's great grape, Nebbiolo.


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Sergio Esposito
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Hilberg Pasquero Nebbiolo D'Alba 2013 750ml
Hilberg-Pasquero Nebbiolo D'Alba 2013 750ml
Price: $49.99

Coming from biodynamic boutique producer Hilberg-Pasquero, this complex ’13 Nebbiolo leaps from the glass in a shower of juicy red fruits, truffles, baking spices, rose petals, warm earth, and espresso. Elegant and rustic, this juicy wine slinks across the palate with silky tannins, vivid electricity, and a shade of Barolo’s trademark ethereality--the 2013 is a terrific embodiment of its benchmark year! Deriving from vines aged 40 to 45 years old that are organically grown in limestone-rich, marble soils, grapes ferment for 25 days, and the wine ages for 22 months in barrique, followed by 22 months in bottle prior to release. more info