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Super-Tuscan Celebration: '11 Sammarco, '06 Paleo Rosso and '13 Redigaffi
July 11, 2017
A Note from Sergio

I drive all over Italy and see all of its many beauties. From the dizzy heights of the Apennines' white-capped points, to the scrubby, windswept rocks of Sicilia, to Venezia's improbable waterways, to the great green plains of Trentino, to the culture clash of ancient and modern Rome--and all that lies in between--Italy has much to make people fall in love. So why do people seem to always fall in love with Toscana?

Toscana feels magical. All those tiny soap-colored towns that perch on those hills look like something out of a fairytale. When you drive up that hill and enter one of those towns, that fairytale turns into a history book. While it's true that every Italian town worth its salt has a medieval borgo, the ones in Toscana are special. Perched on hills, these towns also have a view, usually a spectacular one. There's nothing like sitting at an osteria, glass of wine in your hand, eating cinghiale ragu over pici, or pecorino drizzled with chestnut honey and seeing the green carpet of vines and the lion's pelt of hay fields roll out below you. The view, the food, and the buildings all make you feel like time has stopped, and you with it.

Toscana has this feel of time before history, the way that you feel like even as old as the churches, piazzas and cobblestones may be, there's much here that's even older. You can't name it, but it's there, and it's special. Today's offer celebrates the magic and the beauty of Toscana with three Super-Tuscan wines. While Super Tuscans, as a wine genre, are only about 50 years old, a great one will capture Toscana's magic in its ineffable terroir, its hum of life, and its ability to age with grace. You'll find a 2011 Castello dei Rampolla's Sammarco, an outrageously good bottle that some people call the wine of the vintage; there's a terrific 2006 Paleo Rosso from Le Macchiole; and there are magnums of the benchmark 2013 Redigaffi from Tua Rita.

These Super-Tuscan wines let you experience the magic of Tosana wherever you may be--enjoy!

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My Best,

Sergio Esposito