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Scarzello’s Stunning $59 Barolo, Vintage Messorio, and Great Vincent Girardin Meursault
July 14, 2015 

A fine bottle of Barolo speaks to the generations of producers coaxing the best from their fussy Nebbiolo vines, worrying about the weather as they did so, and finessing the product when--as so often happens--things go awry. 2007 was a rare year when everything seemed to go right for Nebbiolo growers; it offered one of the best growing seasons that Piemonte has seen in a very long time. A weather pattern of hot, dry days and cold nights let the fussy Nebbiolo ripen, to embody all the specific characteristics of its plot of soil, and to convey that ineffable Barolo terroir.


Today, I'm pleased to spotlight a very affordable, very traditional, and very delicious 2007 Barolo from Scarzello, a tiny estate that only began bottling its wines in earnest just after WWII, when its matriarch needed something to pour in her bar. I work hard to find affordable wines that don't sacrifice quality for pricing, and this cuvée Barolo from little known Scarzello fills that niche. It tastes like Barolo made by people who care deeply about the Langhe, about Nebbiolo, and about their family history, and it shows the perfection of its vintage, all for under $60 a bottle.


It feels right to put this blessed Barolo in the company of three other tremendous wines. First, I'm very pleased to offer a new allocation of vintage Le Macchiole Messorio, the 2000 bottling, a benchmark year. This Merlot was superb on release, and fifteen years later, it's even more bewitching. Next, I'm very pleased to present two 2012 Meursault from Vincent Girardin. Meursault's 2012 growing year was too difficult to call benchmark--we usually reserve that term for years when nature blesses growers--but its concentrated, classic wines will definitely go down in history, and these two Girardin bottles are extraordinary.




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