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The Sassicaia of Sardinia, Must-Have Château Maltroye, Serious Amalfi Coast White!
July 15, 2014 
A Note from Sergio  
Grape vines that grow on islands and coastlines are subject to extreme weather. They learn to deal with the wild shifts of island climates--the hurricanes, the windstorms, the constant change. Vines have to huddle down; their roots grow deep into the ground, seeking not only nourishment but also traction. They change, evolve, and grow into weather-beaten rootstock, those resistant varietals with grapes that flourish in unpredictable conditions. Drink the wines made from island-grown vines, and you can taste their island nature. These are wines with a tougher skin but also wines with a vibrancy, a vigor, a kind of wildness, and a deeply rooted sense of place.

This week, I'm delighted to present a beautiful island wine from Sardegna, an island that has deep winemaking traditions and unusual indigenous varietals. The wines of Agricola Punica, a collaboration of a local collective with legendary enologist Giacomo Tachis and Sassicaia greats Marchese Nicolò Incisa della Rocchetta and Sebastiano Rosa, show their land's wild island spirit, imbued as they are with Sardegna's buffeting winds, rocky lands and almost arid dryness. Today's release of Agricola Punica 2010 Barrua heralds a new elegance, a layer of sophistication and grace. This wine is great, drinking now or a decade down the road, and our special pricing makes it a must-have bottle.

I'm also proud to present an IWM exclusive white from the Amalfi coast, Raffaele Palma Puntacroce 2011. Last week, we released the estate's rosé wine, Salicerchi, and this white shows that the beauty of that bottle is no fluke. The Puntacroce is a serious, complex, weighty, mineral-laden white, and it could come from nowhere else other than its steep terraced cliffs. You can taste the Campanian sun, the salty seabreeze, and the care Raffaele took to make this gorgeous white. Finally, I'm pleased to present a beautiful Santenay Blanc 1er Cru from Château de la Maltroye. It's not from the seaside, but it is an extraordinary white Burgundy.




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Sergio Esposito