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Historic Giacosa Barbaresco, San Giuliano Barbaresco, and André Clouet Cuvée 1911!
July 15, 2015 
A Note from Sergio

In my youth I kept busy. There was a romance with Burgundy, an affair with Barolo, and a fling with Brunello. A long weekend with Taurasi and a courtship with a cute Friulian white. A long, lingering kiss with Chianti Classico. And then I met Giacosa Barbaresco, and I fell head over heels in love.


The wine was a 1978 Giacosa Barbaresco Riserva and the year was 1992. I was in my early twenties, and the wine, even if chronologically fourteen, felt mature, in her thirties by wine age. I was already considered a veteran--I had drunk many wines by then and had also tasted, probably methodically and thoughtlessly, a few Giacosa wines. But on that special night something happened. As I sat with the wine in my glass, surrounded by a few friends and lots of chattering floating around me, I noticed something. This wine was deeply beautiful, warm, inviting and yet forceful. I began to be aware of how the wine made me feel, rather than what I felt. I blushed, excited and a little nervous; I didn't want it to end. And then I realized I was being seduced and I was completely falling for this Barbaresco.


That was many years ago, but I still can't forget it. I also can't forebear talking about it, however embarrassing it is to describe. But it's the truth and this feeling has never gone away. Giacosa wines have ever since been one of my greatest love affairs. Year in and out Giacosa's wines make me blush and lose my breathe. Just one sweet inhalation of the wine's aromatics, its profumo, and I am transported back to that 1992 night.


Today, I'm very proud to present a wine you can't find anywhere else in the United States, Bruno Giacosa 1967 Barbaresco. I was only able to secure a handful of these bottles, but they are special. When I drink this wine, I think about Bruno as a young man, toiling in the cellar in the prime of his life, and I feel his vitality in the wine's energy as I sip. I also think about me in my youth, being in my twenties and blushing as I drank that Giacosa Riserva, and how that moment forever changed my understanding of wine, what it offers, and how special it can be.



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My Best, 



Sergio Esposito

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Andre Clouet Champagne Cuvee 1911 NV
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