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Velvety, Juicy Under $30 Montessu, Stunning Petit Vougeots, and Great $11 Pinot Grigio!
July 24, 2014 
A Note from Sergio

Last week, we released the 2010 Barrua from Agricola Punica, the Sardinian estate run by the makers of Sassicaia in concert with a cooperative of local winemakers; today, we're very happy to present the estate's "second" wine, Montessu. Just as Guidalberto makes a worthy sibling to Sassicaia, so too does Montessu complement Barrua. It's a dark, brooding, juicy, lively wine that you'll want to drink every day--and because it's priced under $30, you'll be able to.
I love bringing delicious, affordable wines to my clients, and like the Montessu, the Pinot Grigio I'm offering today is an absolute delight. I rarely find wines at the $11 price point that I feel good about, but last year I unearthed the Adam Pinot Grigio. It's bright, sunny, acidic, aromatic, refreshing, and exactly what your palate craves during the dog days of summer. Don't let the price point fool you--this wine is nicely made, crafted from very ripe Pinot Grigio grapes to wrest every last bit of flavor. 
Finally, I'm very happy to offer under-the-radar Burgundies, especially those from lesser-known appellations. Today's bottling of Hudelot-Noëllat Vougeot Petit Vougeots is precisely that. It's a really good red Burgundy with an excellent story and an even better bang for its buck.


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Sergio Esposito