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Happy July 4th from the IWM Family to Yours!
July 4, 2019
A Note from Sergio

Happy July 4th, Independence Day! Most Americans will be spending today with their friends and their family, and I can think of no finer way to enjoy this very American holiday. The founding principle for IWM was the idea that wine brings people together. You open a bottle, you pour a glass for a friend, and the dynamics change. People open up, and they share beautiful parts of themselves--it's a beautiful thing, a celebration unto itself.

America is as much my home as Italy is, and this July 4th, I'm in a small American town with my family, celebrating this great country. I'd like to take the time to say that it's my honor and my joy to help you choose your wine, and thus, via the bottles that IWM and I bring to you, to be part of your home and to be present at your life's celebrations, peak experiences, and quiet moments.

This July 4th holiday weekend, I hope you take some time to enjoy the beauty that is America, and I hope you share a glass of wine--red, white, or sparkling--with people you love! Here's to America, and to you!

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My Best,

Sergio Esposito
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Exploration Club
Exploration Club
Price: $99.00

This club is a beginners' guide to Italian wine regions and varietals. It's an adventure if you will as monthly you will track the steps of Italian Wine Merchants founder Sergio Esposito through Italy as he sends you his latest finds. The Exploration Club delivers wines of great standards in winemaking and an insight while offering the member a strong foothold on Italian culture and wine.
more info
Big Wines Club
Big Wines Club
Price: $179.00

Big Wine members are already conversant in Italian varietals and the country’s producers and are looking to broaden — and deepen — their knowledge. Three wines will be shipped monthly that are ready to enjoy but also fully capable of improving with age. more info
Sergio's Cellar Club
Sergio's Cellar Club
Price: $299.00

Members of Sergio’s Cellar have already made a serious commitment to Italian wine. Club members receive three wines each month that are some of the most acclaimed and sought-after labels in the market today as well as the personal service of an IWM Wine Portfolio Manager to advise on buying and cellaring their wines. more info