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Alfred Gratien’s Affordable Luxury, Ferrari’s Fairytale Wines, and Under $40 Col d’Orcia Brunello!
July 6, 2015 
A Note from Sergio

In the grand pantheon of bubbly wines, Champagne is singular. Its ability to conjure elegance, magic and sophistication make it special. Its beauty, its individuality, its ability to transmit terroir and vintage, and its ways with food--especially difficult dishes--make it unique. You can never go wrong with good Champagne, and today, I'm delighted to present one of IWM's signature Champagne bottlings, Alfred Gratien Rosé Brut NV.

I talk a lot about peak moments, those special times when everything--the conversation, the food, the lighting, the music, and, of course, the wine--work in concert to make magic. Any wine that fits the occasion perfectly can create a peak moment, but few do it as effortlessly as Champagne. For this reason, I like to keep a few bottles of beloved Champagnes on hand, and Alfred Gratien's is an easy one to stock, to love, and to pop whenever you want to turn an ordinary moment into an extraordinary time.

Along with this signature Champagne, I'm delighted to offer a new allocation of Col d'Orcia's outstanding 2010 Brunello. You can't go wrong with this under $40 bottle. Finally, if you've never had any of Antionio Ferrari's fairytale wines, now's the time. I've rounded up all four, and we're presenting these indescribable Puglian vintage bottles at very delicious pricing.


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1. Spotlight on Excellence: IWM Signature Champagne, Alfred Gratien Rosé Brut NV
2. Only At IWM: 
Antonio Ferrari's Fairytale Wines
3. Time Sensitive Offer: Under $40 Benchmark 2010 Brunello? Yes! It's Col d'Orcia!
4. Our Experts Suggest: 
Everyday Aldo Conterno!
5. Wine Events: Upcoming New York & Aspen Wine Tastings: July 2015

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Sergio Esposito

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Antonio Ferrari Solaria Jonica 1959 500ml
Antonio Ferrari Solaria Jonica 1959 500ml
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