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Movia’s Show-Stopping Puro Rosé! Under $30 Dolcetto! And Giacosa Le Rocche Falletto Riserva
July 7, 2015 
A Note from Sergio

Yesterday, I was pleased to present an IWM signature Champagne from Alfred Gratien. Today, I want to follow that sparkling wine with another. However, this one, Puro from Movia, has a twist. It's not surprising that Movia's sparkling wine is unique. Almost everything about Movia--from its iconoclastic owner-winemaker, Alex Kristancic, to its layout that's like a small self-contained village, to its biodynamic principles, to its border-straddling location in Friuli--is unusual. It wouldn't fit if Movia made a run-of-the-mill bubbly. Puro Rosé is anything but ordinary.

Like its maker, Puro Rosé is a wine that challenges you, animates you, inspires you, and tickles your sense of whimsy. Puro, unlike almost every other sparkling wine on the market, comes with its yeast plug in it, so you have to remove it before drinking. This means that it, like Ales, also forces you to engage with it on intimate terms. It's a showstopper, and a perfect embodiment of Ales, a man that I've more than once called a mystic, a magician and a madman. Try Puro once, and you'll never forget it. Drink it twice, and you'll fall in love.

Along with three different bottlings of Movia's Puro Rosé, I'm very pleased to present a new allocation of two Piemontese wines. One is an everyday classic, a Dolcetto from Quinto Chionetti that you can enjoy any night of the week; it'll be amazing with grilled meats this summer. The other is a serious collector wine, Bruno Giacosa '08 Barolo Le Rocche Falletto Riserva. Together, this pair of red wines illustrates a range of Piemontese beauty.


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Sergio Esposito

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Bruno Giacosa Barolo Le Rocche Falletto Riserva 2008 750ml
Bruno Giacosa Barolo Le Rocche Falletto Riserva 2008 750ml
Price: $479.99