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Under $30 Biodynamic Sicilian, $35 Valdicava "Baby Brunello," 1967 Barolo!

July 9, 2013
A Note from Sergio


I've spent thousands of days in Italian vineyards. I've travelled from from the Alps of Alto Adige to the volcanoes of Sicilia, meeting the people who make the wines, looking at the grapes they grow, touching their vineyards' soils, tasting out of countless barriques, botti, amphorae and tanks. One thing I can say for certain is that Italy has an astounding range of wines. It is massively diverse, and that diversity offers a thrill and a challenge. There's always something new to learn, a grape to explore, a microclimate to experience. It's dizzying and beautiful.


Italian winemakers grow more than 2,000 grape varietals, and the range shown by Italy's 27,000 producers elicits a rich spectrum of fruit and terroir. Journalists often ask me if I believe Italian wine suffers from not having a single identity, and my answer is always the same: Italy's diversity is her identity and her greatest asset. Strange and oxymoronic as it may seem, diversity is the common element that binds Italian winemakers.


Today's offer embodies that diversity. I'm featuring three mono-varietal wines from three different indigenous grapes and three different regions: a Sicilian Nero d'Avola from Porta del Vento, a Rosso di Montalcino from Valdicava, and a Barolo from Giuseppe Mascarello. The first two are recent vintages of organic wines, very affordable and extraordinary values; the last is a collectable, rare 1967 Barolo. None of these wines could come from anywhere else, and each illustrates what I love so much about Italy--the passion of its winemakers for its grapes and its land, the incredible skill these people have, and all the delicious ways Italian wines can taste.


Open a bottle of Porta del Vento's Ishac, Valdicava's exceptional "Baby Brunello," or Giuseppe Mascarello and raise a glass to Italy, a place that you can never stop exploring.

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Sergio Esposito