June 13, 2016

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Terriccio’s Must-Have Super Tuscans, the Prince’s Singular Bianco, and Under $60 Brunello
June 13, 2016
A Note from Sergio

The hills of Toscana are beautiful, and the region's famous hills and valleys are most known for giving us Sangiovese, whose various clones adapted to individual vineyards and microclimates, showcasing the synergy of grape and land. But as you know, Toscana's winemaking fame doesn't begin and end with indigenous Sangiovese. While conquering armies such as Napoleon's are responsible for bringing international grape varietals to Italy, these international grapes didn't gain prominence until 1968, the year of the first Sassicaia vintage released by Mario Incisa della Rocchetta's estate Tenuta San Guido in Bolgheri, a few miles from the Maremma coast.

I've said it before, and I'm not alone in saying it: Sassicaia changed the course of Italian wine. While tradition is Italy's strength, Italy has always welcomed change, and Italians' taste preferences have always evolved. Building on the success of the pioneering "Super" vini da tavola, Bolgheri and the rest of Toscana's winemakers made the most of international varietals--it's why you have your Tignanello, Soalaia, Grattamacco, Sammarco and all the other great Super Tuscans. You've grown to love the Super-Tuscan wines from Tenuta San Guido, Antinori, Ornellaia, Castello dei Rampolla and Querciabella; let me add a new estate to that list, Castello del Terriccio.

Today, I'm very proud to spotlight a quartet of Super-Tuscan releases from Castello del Terriccio, an estate you probably haven't heard much about. It's hard to find this Maremma estate's wines--not much makes it to the States--but they are worth seeking out. Sitting a little closer to the Tyrrhenian Sea than the Bolgheri estates you know and love, Terriccio's wines are bold, powerful big reds that hug your tongue and linger on the palate, satisfyingly. There's a brooding quality to the estate's wines that makes them unabashedly sexy, and the four wines offered today are all unabashed "big reds." If you're looking to fall in love with a new Super Tuscan, you can't do better than this foursome.

And if Super Tuscans aren't your thing, you'll also find one beautiful, perfect mature white from Fiorano, the fairytale Prince's estate, and a lush 2011 Brunello that won't break the bank!

Today's Featured Sections Include:

1. Spotlight on Excellence:
A Quartet of Must-Have Super Tuscans from Terriccio
2. Only At IWM:
One Rare, Extraordinary Fiorano Bianco
3. Time Sensitive Offer: Opulent, Powerful Under $60 Brunello
4. Wine Events: Upcoming June Wine Tasting Events

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Sergio Esposito
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Fiorano No. 26 Bianco 1988 750ml
Fiorano No. 26 Bianco 1988 750ml
Price: $149.00

Lush yet racy, weighty yet energetic, this ’88 Bianco fills the mouth with a textured feel, but its acidity keeps it nimble and supple. Candied fruits mingle with succulent fresh stone fruits in this juicy and tart white; citrus zest, potpourri, and spice complete the flavor profile in this unique golden wine. This mature white wine defies what we think we know about Italian whites, offering a tremendous drinking experience for wine connoisseurs; despite three decades of maturity, this powerful, stable white opens with hours of aeration to show a kaleidoscopic palate. Fiorano Bianco, crafted from organically grown Malvasia di Candia, is an unusual, rare white that stands the test of time and offers a picture of meticulous, organic winemaking as it was practiced decades ago. more info