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Antinori’s Under $60 2010 Brunello, Vingtage Gems from George Noëllat, and Great Artadi Rioja!
June 30, 2015 
A Note from Sergio

In wine, as in life, timing is everything. Wine is a living thing, and it has stages of life just as we humans do. In the botti or the vat, it's a kid, a wild thing without any discipline. It can act like a poorly behaved toddler, a bunch of gangly teens at a forbidden house party, or even like a bunch of little girls having tea. Out of the vat and into the bottle, the wine becomes more interesting. Sometimes it's bright and shiny right upon release, like a star athlete with an amazing rookie season. Other times, it's shut down, glum, almost depressed; it needs to mature before it finds its place in the world. Mature, it becomes open, layered, interesting; it's a person you want to have a prolonged conversation with.

Today, I'm offering you a collection of wines that illustrate how important--and intriguing--timing is to wine lovers. First, I'm shining a spotlight on the 2010 Pian delle Vigne Brunello from Antinori. Some Brunellos can feel a little remote with their tongue-biting tannins; they need time to relax, unwind, and mellow. This Antinori Brunello may be young by the standards of the wine, but it's precocious. Decant it, and this one is drinking beautifully now, but it'll be even more gorgeous over the next decade.

I'm also very proud to offer a twenty-year span of vintage Burgundies from George Noëllat. These are beautifully mature, perfectly kept wines, and drinking them is like spending time with movie stars the likes of whom you don't see anymore--they're sophisticated, worldly and just imperfect enough to keep you on your toes. Finally, I'm pleased to present a very limited allocation of Artadi 2001 Grandes Añadas. This wine may have more than a decade on it, but it would love some more time. It's energetic and a little rash, like a college kid bored on summer break. Give it some time, and it will mellow into a bottle you really want to spend time with.


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