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Ten-Year-Old Rinaldi Brunello, White Burgundy Tasting Cases and $50 Brunello!

March 10, 2014
A Note from Sergio

This past Saturday, March 8, was International Women's Day, a day to recognize the importance that women hold in all the cultures around the globe and a day to remember how far women have to go to gain equality in every part of the world. As the father to two daughters, I feel a personal stake in International Woman's Day. I want my daughters to excel, to be free to achieve their dreams, and to have the same opportunity for success as my son does.
Given that I'm raising my family in Italy, some might say that this dream is just tilting at windmills. There's a common belief that Italian culture has long held its sexism tight in both fists, and from some perspectives, I can see how that idea might seem true. And yet, Italian culture has always revered strong women at the center of their homes. But now, it also looks like Italy values strong women in public life. I don't have to look any further than the world of wine to see how.
Italian wine used to be entirely an old boys network. Men owned vineyards, raised sons, and handed their winemaking traditions and their vineyards to the men in their family. It was just the way it was done. Not anymore. Just in Piemonte, I can count six world-class estates that are now or will soon be helmed by women: Bartolo Mascarello, Gaja, Rinaldi, Bruno Giacosa, Sandrone, and Scavino. Maria Teresa Mascarello took control of her father's traditional Barolo estate when her father passed away, and all the rest--Gaia Gaja, Marta Rinaldi, Bruna Giacosa, Luciana Sandrone, and Enrica Scavino--are at different stages of taking the helm of their fathers' estates. Soon, much of Barolo will no longer belong to the boys, and I'm thrilled to see these women gain control.

Today, I'm proud to present a wine that comes from Giuseppe Rinaldi, an estate that prides itself on traditional winemaking. Beppe Rinaldi grows his grapes organically and makes his wine in ways that his ancestors would recognize, and he's lucky to have a daughter as talented and smart as Marta to take the reins from him. Today's 2004 Rinaldi Barolo Brunate-Le Coste embodies Beppe's skill, traditional stance and his foresight. A great Barolo is a wine that should live for decades; in this respect, a Barolomaker's wine is like his children: destined to live on as a legacy. This '04, a living symbol of Beppe's passing the torch to his daughter, is just that.

Along with this great Barolo, I'm delighted to offer two white Burgundy tasting cases that complement the red cases we offered last week--from Burgundy newbie to collector, these wines will impress and delight. Finally, it's not often I come across a value Brunello, but the $50 San Filippo restores my faith; it's the perfect wine for Brunello exploration.

Raise a glass to the women in your life, and if you are a woman, raise a glass to yourself. You deserve it.

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Sergio Esposito

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Castello dei Rampolla Vigna d'Alceo 2006 750ml
Castello dei Rampolla Vigna d'Alceo 2006 750ml
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