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New Release Capanna Brunello, Best Price in the US on World-Class Pomerol and Elite Grower Champagne

March 14, 2013
A Note from Sergio


I've always championed a fluent exploration of wine. Region, grape, producer, style--you can't live by one wine alone. There's too much to experience, too many beauties to explore, too many roads to walk, too many glasses yet to drink to commit yourself, whether by intention or by habit, to drink just one kind of wine. Today's offer is an illustration of the importance of diversity in drinking.


I'm happy to add to our growing list of new releases from Montalcino. Today, I'm adding the 2008 Brunello and the 2007 Brunello Riserva from Capanna to the roster. This small old family estate has long graced the shelves at IWM; year in and year out, its traditional, authentic Brunello show Capanna's commitment to keeping Brunello true to its history. These are delicious wines, though they do need some time in the cellar.


While Italy will always take the first place in my heart and on my table, I'm broad-minded when it comes to wine, and so I'm really pleased to offer wines from two regions in France: Pomerol and Champagne. Both Bordeaux's Château Plince and Champagne's Salon show integrity in making their wines. They each make high-quality pure expressions of their respective terroirs, and their thoughtfulness shows in every bottle and in every glass. It's a point of pride to be able to offer wines from these French estates at the best pricing in the country.


In the spirit of wild exploration, vow to open a bottle of something you've never tried before. Even better--share that bottle with someone you don't know. It could be the beginning of a long, sweet relationship. 



Today's Featured Sections Include: 


1. Spotlight on Excellence: Capanna Brunello 2008 and Brunello Riserva 2007

2. Time Sensitive Offer: Château Plince Tasting Case

3. Our Experts Suggest: Two Wines with the "Interesting Factor"

4. Only at IWM:  Amazing Offer of Salon 1997 Le Mesnil Blanc de Blancs

5. Wine Events: Italy's Big Reds


My Best, 



Sergio Esposito

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Gravner Ribolla Gialla Anfora 2005 750ml
Gravner Ribolla Gialla Anfora 2005 750ml
Price: $89.99
Currently Unavailable.

Opulent, intense, and textured, the '05 Ribolla Gialla is a powerful wine--it’s a white that drinks like a red. This structured, fantastically layered wine shows ineffable notes of caramel, orchard fruit, crushed seashells, and minerals, all carried by velvety tannins. After growing his grapes with strict biodynamic protocol, Gravner lets his white grapes sit on the skins in his amphorae for around twelve months; then he ages the wine in casks for about six years before bottling, without fining or filtration. Unlike some other natural winemakers, Gravner does add small amounts of sulfur, believing that a tiny amount will keep his living, breathing wines from oxidizing, or dying a premature death. This amber wine is best served like a red and enjoyed with hearty fare. Trust us: its palate of honeyed apricots and peaches, warm spices, and savory caramel will stand up to it. more info