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Go-To Aglianico from De Conciliis, Affordable "Baby Barolo," and Rare Century-Old Sherry!
March 14, 2017
A Note from Sergio

Much of the East Coast is digging out from under snowstorm Stella, which shows that as much as you felt like you weren't going to see winter weather, you had to think again. Winter can be annoying. Snow gets tracked into your house, no matter how much you try to keep it out. You have to shovel, dig out your car, or merely navigate congested, slushy city streets. But every season has its beauty--something you remember when many of your friends grow grapes (or any other food) for a living. Winter snow banks moisture for the coming months, and winter snow covers the living plants with a nice, fluffy, insulated coat. Winter, in sum, is necessary to the regions where winter is natural.

For these reasons, I say that the best thing to do with winter weather is celebrate it. Cook yourself hearty stews, big bowls of pasta, thick warm soup, or a nice cut of meat; open a big bottle of wine, and hunker down with friends and family to enjoy the cold weather from the warmth of your own home. To help you do exactly this, I've picked wines that have been favorites of IWM clients of late. First, there's a new allocation of Bruno De Conciliis' Aglianico Donnaluna. Born and raised in Napoli, I love Aglianico, and this one rolls along your tongue and fills your belly with Campanian sunshine. It's under $25 a bottle, and it's a great wine to have on hand for days like today.

I'm also delighted to present a new allotment of Renzo Seghesio's authentic, vibrant Ruri Langhe Nebbiolo from 2012. I worked hard to bring Renzo's wines to the United States, and when you drink this "baby Barolo," you'll be glad I did. This affordable Nebbiolo smells like a June day in Piemonte and it feels like a nimble, lively Barolo. Finally, I'm very pleased to present Pérez Barquero 1905 Solera Fundacional Amontillado. It's a rare, mature gem meant for contemplation--or for rewarding yourself for shoveling out your driveway.

Because of the inclement weather, IWM's shop will be closed today, but we're still here to serve you by phone or internet. Enjoy!

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My Best,

Sergio Esposito
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Perez Barquero Solera Fundacional Amontillado 1905 700ml
Perez Barquero Solera Fundacional Amontillado 1905 700ml
Price: $499.00

Pérez Barquero 1905 Solera Fundacional Amontillado gets its name from the oldest vintage contained in this non-vintage solera method wine; it’s a rich tapestry of flavor profiles and silky texture, at once energetic and mellow. This sherry explodes with raisined and juicy fruit, saline minerals, Christmas cake, toasted nuts, marmalade and ginger, and this kaleidoscope of flavor notes continues on the concentrated, rich palate. Deeply viscous, dry, and powerful, this wine unfolds in mind-bending layers, wrapping its fruit around a serious core of minerals to create a dizzying drinking experience. Crafted entirely of Pedro Ximénez in the solera method, this wine ages in American oak for decades before bottling. The solera method blends across multiple vintages, and the average age of the wines in this sherry is about eighty years old, which allows for unbelievable complexity and nuance. more info