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Introducing Bibi Graetz and His Wonderful, Wild Wines
March 15, 2018
A Note from Sergio

Just before 2000, about the same time that I decided to roll the dice and open Italian Wine Merchants, Bibi Graetz was deciding whether he should start a winery. Bibi, a trained artist, was not raised in a winemaking family--his Norwegian mom and Swiss-Israeli dad were two of those beautifully insane expats who bought a ramshackle castle in Toscana in the 1970s, when castles were cheap. Raised just outside Firenze, Bibi grew up drinking the wine that the family gardeners made from the old vines surrounding family's villa, and, of course, he drank the great Sangiovese from nearby estates, as well as wines from around the globe.

So, as I said, in the late 1990's, Bibi's moment of reckoning arrived. Bibi's family owned about five acres of grapes, leasing out the majority. The leases were set to expire. Bibi had to make the decision: did he sell the vineyards or did he keep them and become a winemaker? Before making his decision, Bibi chose to spend time in the vineyards, smelling the air and the earth, touching the leaves of the vines, trimming the green fruit, and learning the ancient rhythm of winemaking. As happens so often with people who spend their days with vines, with their fruit, and with coaxing wine from those simple berries, Bibi fell in love. He decided to open his own estate.

I've compared winemakers to mystics (Josko Gravner), to dancers (Alex Kristancic), to symphony conductors (Gianfranco Soldera), and to anarchists (Bartolo Mascarello and his cousin Giuseppe Rinaldi). Bibi is a painter of wine. Like an abstract painting, Bibi's wines flow and tell a story without uttering a word. They convey feelings without touching you. They fill your soul as you sip them. Today, I'm very proud to introduce you to Bibi Graetz' wines with seven different bottles, all ineluctably beautiful, and each one a different canvas in the collection of this artist-winemaker, who makes the wines and paints their bottles' labels. I'm always overjoyed to bring you new wines from new producers, and these originals come from the heart of Toscana--I think you'll love them.

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My Best,

Sergio Esposito