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New Release Sassicaia, Kosher Wine for Passover, and Value White Burgundy

March 21, 2013
A Note from Sergio


The current buzz phrase among winemakers says something about wine being made in the vineyard. This is something that the winemakers of Sassicaia have been saying for years--because for years, it has been the absolute, glorious truth. "Good grapes make good wine," Sebastiano Rosa said when I visited, and he his hand almost dismissively at the rows of casks. "Everything's done in the vineyards." The shining steel and glass almost seemed to disappear with his words; all I could see was the dusky purple of healthy grapes, the green of leaves, and the glint of rocky soil. I could see Marchese Mario Incisa della Rocchetta saying the same words. It's the philosophy underlying the whole enterprise since the beginning.


When nature deals winemakers a challenging hand, as it did in Bolgheri in 2010, the great ones rise and the lesser ones, well, let's just say that IWM won't be selling their wines. Tenuta San Guido makes wine exceptional wine in every vintage--even ones with the kind of weather that makes other winemakers despair. The 2010 Sassicaia is no exception, and I'm delighted to debut it today. This vintage might not come at you with the ripeness and drink-me-now approachability of 2009, but I'm feeling good about its future. It's a wine to look forward to, something apropos for the start of spring.


In the spirit of spring, I'm delighted to offer our Jewish clients a fine kosher wine for Passover. The Recanati Cabernet Sauvignon we're offering today is in stock, ready to ship, and it's very tasty. Finally, I'm delighted to highlight some value white Burgundy from Domaine Barat. It's serious Chablis, and its price point makes it very affordable.


Happy Spring! Here's to making something beautiful, whatever nature brings you.


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Sergio Esposito