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Debuts of Tignanello Chianti Classico and Aldo Conterno Langhe Rosso! And Vintage Fiorano!
March 21, 2018
A Note from Sergio

Chianti's troubled and ultimately triumphant history in many ways begins and ends with the eighteenth century. In 1716, the Grand Duchy of Toscana Cosimo III de'Medici wrote the first set of laws regulating the cultivation of grapes and vinification of Tuscan wine, codifying the hilly region nestled between Siena and Firenze as Chianti. This area became the geographical basis for the 1967 DOC designation, when there was no DOC distinction between Chianti and Chianti Classico. It was all just Chianti and it wasn't great wine. From Cosimo's days, it took almost three hundred years for Chianti's winemakers and governing body to institute policies that would ensure world-class wine. Some of this had to do with cutting the 150-year-old practice of adding white grapes; some of it had to do with responding to the pressure of superior Super-Tuscan wines; and some of it had to do with better winemaking equipment and methods.

The upshot is that finally, finally producers who make Chianti Classico make great wine. The Antinori family is one wine producer who has seen all of Chianti's history up close and personal. This family that has been in Toscana and making Tuscan wines for more than six hundred years, and as winemakers, they have made the choice to make wines outside of the DOCG, to leave the Chianti Consortium and, eventually, to return to it. Today, I'm proud to debut a wine that reflects Chianti Classico's long, shining history, Marchese Antinori 2015 Chianti Classico Riserva Tignanello. This bottling is everything you want in a Chianti Classico--it's juicy and earthy, singing with the soul and the sun of Toscana. It wraps you in its arms and doesn't want to let go. It's drinking beautifully today, and it'll amaze you even more in a decade.

Along with this singular Italian wine, I'm delighted to present two more. First, there's another debut--this one is Poderi Aldo Conterno's nimble, thrumming 2014 Langhe Rosso. Aldo's Baroli are legendary, but you can't always take the time to enjoy a legend. The estate's Langhe Rosso lets you drink in the Aldo Conterno style whenever you want. It's affordable, it's easy going, and it is delicious. Finally, I've chosen a singular bottle of Fiorano 1994 No. 46 Bianco, a rare long-aging Malvasia made by a prince. This wine is fairytale stuff, and it will amaze you.


Today's Featured Sections Include:

1. Spotlight on Excellence: Debuting the Dazzling 2015 Tignanello Chianti Classico Riserva!
2. Only At IWM: The Prince's White Diamond, Fiorano 1994 No. 46 Bianco
3. Time Sensitive Offer: Succulent, Vibrant and Affordable Aldo Conterno Langhe Rosso
4. Wine Events: Upcoming March / April Wine Tasting Events

My Best,

Sergio Esposito
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Fiorano No. 46 Bianco 1994 750ml
Fiorano No. 46 Bianco 1994 750ml
Price: $165.00

While kissed with a patina of oxidation, this ’94 Bianco bursts with a nose of apricot and crushed stones mingled with melon and honey. With air, the wine opens up layers of herbal notes followed by soft peach and tropical fruits. The palate is crisp with a soft, balanced acidity that lingers nicely on a long, nutty, tangy finish that does not let go. This mature white wine defies what we think we know about Italian whites, offering a tremendous drinking experience for wine connoisseurs; despite three decades of maturity, this powerful, stable white opens with hours of aeration to show a kaleidoscopic palate. Fiorano Bianco, crafted from organically grown Malvasia di Candia, is an unusual, rare white that stands the test of time and offers a picture of meticulous, organic winemaking as it was practiced decades ago. more info