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Classic 2008 Poggio di Sotto Brunello Riserva Returns, Serious Rosato, and Burgundy Flash Sale!
March 29, 2016
A Note from Sergio

Brunello's beauty rests in its microclimates. Just as in other Brunello subzones, the southern region offers dramatic shifts in altitude from estate to estate, but it's got its own specialness. The vineyards that fan out eastward from Tavernelle into Sant'Angelo are exposed to a more full-on Mediterranean climate than the rest of Montalcino, with sandier soils, less wind, and lower altitude. You can see these effects in other crops too; look at the olives from this region in October, while Il Greppo's olives in the central subzone are still green. Just like the olives, a warmer climate contributes to a denser, less acidic, fruitier Brunello. That said, some estates, like Poggio di Sotto, have elevated vineyards with southern and western exposures that create potent wines with a spectacular combination of structure and ripeness.

Poggio di Sotto sits at a slightly higher elevation, but its southern region's slightly warmer climate shows through in all the wines. That means when you have a slightly cool year like 2008, you get tremendous wines from Poggio di Sotto--and today's featured wine shows how this estate shines in 2008. I'm very pleased to present a new allocation of Poggio di Sotto 2008 Brunello di Montalcino Riserva. I've always been awestruck by how much Poggio di Sotto's wines smell like the air that surrounds the cantina, and this wine is no different. It's like a balmy Montalcino day, full of wildflowers, earth and cypress needles, and it holds your mouth in a silky embrace. You're going to love it.

Along with this stellar Brunello Riserva that will make Brunello lovers happy, I'm very pleased to offer Burgheads a great, big sale on in-stock Burgundies. The 2014 bottles are arriving soon, and we've got to make room for them. You'll find more than 600 bottles of Burgundy below, both red and white, and they're all on sale. Finally, don't miss out on Raffaele Palma's steely Amalfi Coast rosato. This wine roars from the glass, and it makes every bite of food taste delicious.

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Sergio Esposito