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New Miani Releases! Antinori ’09 Brunello! And Collector ’12 Comte Georges de Vogüé!
March 3, 2015 
A Note from Sergio

There aren't many Italian winemakers with the stature of Enzo Pontoni, the winemaker of Miani. Pontoni stands nearly seven feet tall, so this statement is literally true. However, Pontoni's metaphorical stature is even greater than his height. He makes some of the most hard-to-get wines in Italy's northeastern region of Friuli. They're rare, they're explosive, they're cult inspiring, and they're delicious.

Pontoni calls his northern Friuli estate selvaggio, or "savage" in English. Just under twelve hectares, most of which Pontoni rents, Miani sits several miles away from the border to Slovenia. Pontoni farms his vineyards organically, treating each vine with individualized care, and he makes his entire production of 800 cases with only one man who helps him. "I don't have any children that would help me, so I have one guy," Pontoni says. "We do everything ourselves start to finish." It's a small operation, and Enzo doesn't have much desire to make it any bigger. He wants only to make the best wines he can, no matter how few in number.

Today, I'm proud to bring a line-up of seven of Miani's incredible whites from 2013. They're in very short supply, and there simply won't be enough for everyone who wants them. Along with these extraordinary whites, I'm very pleased to offer the collector great Comte Georges de Vogüé Bonnes-Mares, also from 2013, and a new release from Antinori, the estate's 2009 Pian Delle Vigne Brunello di Montalcino, a great Brunello to drink now.


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