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Pertimali’s $28 “Baby Brunello,” Chavy-Chouet’s Value Gem, and Last of the ’09 Redigaffi?
March 31, 2015 
A Note from Sergio

As I've been rolling out the new 2010 vintage of Brunello di Montalcino, I've been talking a lot about the fact that this region is filled with myriad microclimates, and that each of these microclimates plays a part in the wine's terroir, taste, texture and style. You can break the Montalcino production zone into a range of subzones to help understand it. Within each there are variations in altitude, soil composition, and weather patterns. In fact, the Consorzio lists more than 24 distinct microclimates in the area. It's a lot to keep in your head.

North of Montalcino itself, where you'll find the subzones of Canalicchio, Pianelli, and Montisoli, the high elevation of the central region begins to taper off and flatten out, forming a kind of plain studded with hills. These subzones have a moderate share in the warm, dry Mediterranean climate and high altitude of their neighbors to the south, but the slight differences in temperature, humidity, and elevation makes wine that own both ripeness and structure. This trait is embodied in the wines of Livio Sassetti Pertimali, which combine serious aromas and elegance with power and fruit.

In fact, even Pertimali's Rosso di Montalcino is riper, richer, darker and more brooding than most others. And today, I'm delighted to present a bottle of this dark beauty, the 2013 Rosso di Montalcino from Livio Sassetti's estate. Drinking this wine--which you can easily call a "baby Brunello"--you get not only an introduction to this estate but also a taste of the region, the same one that Valdicava calls home. Best of all, it's under $28, so there's no reason not to enjoy it early and often.

Along with this delicious Rosso, I'm pleased to debut the great value wine from Burgundy's Chavy-Chouet, the Puligny-Montrachet Enseignères 2013. This bottling has quickly become an IWM client favorite, and this new vintage will not disappoint. Finally, it's what very well may be the last of the 2009 Tua Rita Redigaffi. They say that good things come to those who wait, but wait on this wine, and it'll be all gone.


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