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Savor Your Life’s Sweetness with La Roncaia’s Cult Picolit!
March 5, 2020
A Note from Sergio

If, as we Italians do, you think of dinner as a narrative that unfolds over many courses and layers of lively conversation, then your dessert wine is the happily-ever-after ending to your story. Sweet wines, to my thinking, serve as the punctuation mark at the end of the meal. They're the wines that wrap up my dining experience with an unexpected flourish; they're the kiss at the end of the romantic movie. I love Italian dessert wines because they're made to hold a tantalizing combination of tart acidity and mellow sweetness, and they enhance the flavors of desserts and cheeses alike. Most of all, I love an Italian dessert wine because as it lingers on my lips, I taste the sweetness that spending time with my friends and my family brings me.

Today, I'm very proud to present a rare, hard-to-find, surprisingly affordable, and utterly unforgettable dessert wine, La Roncaia's 2015 Picolit. Friuli is a very special part of Italy, and it's home to grapes and wines you won't find anywhere else. This Picolit is a wholly Friulian being, and it's very, very special. Coming from the Fantinel family--who as restaurateurs know a thing or two about pairing wine with food--this Picolit gorgeously embraces its opposites: sweet, lush fruits meet snappy acidity; silky, weighty texture joins with subtle minerality; and savory herbs meld with exotic spices. You may think you don't love sweet wines, but this Picolit will change your mind.


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My Best,

Sergio Esposito
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La Roncaia Picolit 2015 375ml
La Roncaia Picolit 2015 375ml
Price: $54.99

A monovarietal Picolit, this luscious dessert wine is a tradition in Friuli. Succulent orchard, tropical and stone fruits dance on a bed of potpourri, baking spices, crushed river rocks, acacia honey and wild herbs in this enchanting, lively ’15 Picolit. For all its unabashed richness, this dessert wine shows remarkable balance, melding its intense dry extract with keen acidity in a complex palate that effortlessly marries its sweet fruits with savory minerality and herbs. Deriving from vineyards with marly soils in the hills of Attimis, the Picolit grapes dry for two months and then one half ferments in temperature-controlled stainless steel and the other half in barrel; after assembling the final blend, the wine ages for a year in barrique and rests in bottle for six months prior to release. more info