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New Releases from Montalcino’s Salvioni and Burgundy’s Fichet! And Delicious $13 Rosato!
March 7, 2016
A Note from Sergio

A balanced cellar has wines to drink now, wines to drink soon, and wines to drink down the road. It also has wines to drink with your Tuesday night take-out, wines to impress, and wines to celebrate--because wine isn't just about timing; it's also about making a good time even better. As the seasons change and summer approaches, it's important to take stock of what you've got in wait. You never know when you'll host an impromptu cocktail party, when you'll get a last-minute invite for dinner, or when extra guests will show up, just because.

Today, I'm proud to present different wines that all fill different niches--and I'm even more proud to say that all of these wines sport the best price you'll find in the States. First, I'm delighted to present the 2011 Salvioni Brunello and the estate's 2014 Rosso di Montalcino. The former wine sits in the categories of "wines to drink soon," "wines to impress" and even "wines to drink down the road." 2011 gave Montalcino a warm vintage, but the cult Salvioni estate turned that warm weather into a wine that's velvety but structured. And while you wait, you can drink Salvioni's Rosso; it's juicy and fresh, and it's the only wine Salvioni made in 2014. 

Like Salvioni's Rosso, Per Linda's Rosato wants you to drink it right now, and enjoy every drop as you do. It's only $13, so you don't have any excuses! Finally, you'll find five new releases from Jean-Philippe Fichet. This vigneron sidesteps Burgundy's appellation system by making his own lieux-dits, or plots that don't have classification. You get all the quality of Meursault made by an exacting producer without the price. These are definitely wines to drink soon, down the road and when you want to impress people with your wine-buying savvy.

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Sergio Esposito