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Paolo Bea Debut, Under $50 Cru Barbaresco, and Last of Aldo Conterno ’11 Bussiador?
March 9, 2015 
A Note from Sergio

Like Josko Gravner and Miani's Enzo Pontoni, Paolo Bea embodies the farmer winemaker. The Bea estate is tucked away in Umbria--I get lost just about every time I drive there because the back roads are that confusing, and its rural location helps Paolo Bea pay homage to nature in every choice he makes. Raising his sons Giampero and Giuseppe, Paolo instilled a respect for nature, and now directing the estate, his sons honor it in their work every day. From the way that Giuseppe grows the grapes without any chemical intervention to the way that Giampero vinifies them without adding yeasts--or even using temperature control--this estate treats nature like the important primal force it is, and it shows in its wines.

Today, I'm delighted to debut the 2012 Paolo Bea Santa Chiara, a zesty vintage of Bea's beloved skin-contact white. Bea is a winemaker who makes great wines in warm vintages, and this ripe Santa Chiara is a full-bodied voluptuous beauty. You can feel the heat of the vintage as this wine slides across your tongue, yet there's this cheeky freshness that keeps this '12 Santa Chiara from falling flat. It's a seductive bottle, and you're going to love it.

Along with this great "orange" wine from Umbria, I'm very pleased to present two bottles from Piemonte--one of Ada Nada's terrific trio of cru Barbarescos, this time the 2009 Elisa, and what may be the very last allocation of Aldo Conterno's 2011 Chardonnay Bussiador. All three of the wines in this eLetter are under $50, all of them sport the best pricing you can find, and all of them are pure Italian treasures. Monday's looking pretty good from here!

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