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Back by Client Demand: Paul Pernot Volnay, Alberico Bianco, and Château Viranel!
May 10, 2018
A Note from Sergio

It's unusual that I choose wines from France or Spain--or any region other than Italy--for the Spotlight section in these eLetter offers. Italy is in my blood and in this company's name, and it's very important to me to stay true to the traditions of Italian wine and the ideals that made me begin IWM almost two decades ago. Therefore, when I do choose to feature non-Italian wines, it's a good time to take notice, and today I've chosen to put Paul Pernot in the spotlight (and finish out the offer with two more wines that are either France-inspired or French).

Domaine Paul Pernot is a family affair, winemakers who are bound not only by blood but by the love of the land where they have lived for decades. Paul Pernot makes Burgundies that just about anyone will love, yet these detailed, thrilling wines could come from nowhere else but Pernot's own lands. These are wines touched by the hands of a caring family who has lived on those lands and drunk their wines and lived through good times and bad--and their family touch shows in every sip. Today, I'm pleased to present a new allocation of Paul Pernot's slinky, electric 2016 Volnay Carelle Sous La Chapelle. While this domaine is best known for its superb white Burgundies, this red is a knockout, and I think you'll love it.

Alessia Antinori is a powerhouse--the youngest daughter of Piero Antinori, she's a trained enologist, and she's keenly interested in art, photography, and business. The most interesting people have many sides, and Alessia is a polymath. She also makes great wines, and her dedication at Alberico, the estate that once belonged to her grandfather, Alberico Boncompagni Ludovisi, the Prince of Venosa, has taken the lands from nearly bare to sporting plots of beautifully tended vines. Today's offer has a new allocation of Alessia's compelling 2014 Alberica Bianco, a wine that comes from a handful of very old Sémillon vines that were spared when the prince ripped up his vineyards. This wine is outstanding now, and it'll drink for years, growing more nuanced and beautiful with the passing of time.

Finally, rosé is tradition in summer, so I scored some more bottles of Château Viranel's delicious 2016 Tradition Rosé--enjoy!

Today's Featured Sections Include:

1. Spotlight on Excellence: Must-Have Paul Pernot Volnay Carelle Sous La Chapelle
2. Only At IWM: Luscious, Racy Old-Vine Sémillon from Antinori's Alberico
3. Time Sensitive Offer: Classic Blush Beauty from Château Viranel
4. Wine Events: Upcoming May Wine Tasting Events

My Best,

Sergio Esposito
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Chateau Viranel Saint-Chinian Tradition Rose 2016 750ml
Chateau Viranel Saint-Chinian Tradition Rose 2016 750ml
Price: $18.99

Brambly wild berries, citrus zest, rose petals and crushed river rocks burst from the glass in this food-friendly, luscious ’16 Rosé. Full yet energetic, this wine whooshes across the palate, but it lingers with a satisfying mouth-feel that marries electric acidity with its fleshy finish. A blend of 40% Syrah, 40% Grenache, and 20% Cinsault grown in clay and limestone soils, this wine ferments in stainless steel tanks, and it ages in a combination of 20% used barrels and 80% tank. It’s a classic mineral-driven rosé that complements a wide array of foods, yet it also drinks beautifully on its own. more info
Paul Pernot Volnay Carelle Sous La Chapelle 2016 750ml
Paul Pernot Volnay Carelle Sous La Chapelle 2016 750ml
Price: $54.99

Aromatic, lush and unabashedly seductive, this ’16 Volnay Carelle Sous La Chapelle is a surprising wine from Paul Pernot, who is best known for its Puligny-Montrachet. Oscillating between sweet red fruits, and brooding notes, this Volnay brings a lot of pleasure to the table. Crisp berries dance against a backdrop of crushed herbs, rose petals and earth in this alluring Volnay that takes its time to unfold its myriad layers with grace and precision--it’s a tantalizing wine that underpins its luxurious and seductive complexity with sturdy core of acidity and a lively strain of minerality. You’ll be tempted to enjoy this sexy Volnay right away, but cellaring for a few years will make it even more glorious. Deriving from the estate’s two-thirds of an acre parcel in Volnay Carelles Sous la Chapelle, grapes ferment with natural yeasts; the wine ages in barrique (one-fifth new) and gets light fining and filtration before bottling, which takes place about a year after harvest. more info