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Dynamic Solaia Duo, 2013 Tignanello Magnums, and the “Pétrus of Provence”
May 12, 2016
A Note from Sergio

Drive along the highway that leads to Bargino, a small town sitting between Siena and Florence, and your eye might catch two horizontal slashes in the hillside--but then again, it might not. Two undulating umber and steel parallel lines in the earth are all that mark the Antinori headquarters in Toscana, opened a couple of years ago. It looks like a place that a superhero would pick to be his or her home.

Built underground, it's a breathtaking structure. Snuggled deep into the earth, the new Antinori space feels both space age and ancient, light as a vineyard and dark as a cellar, modern and traditional. And all of that makes sense when you put it in the context both of the people who created it--an aristocratic family with 600 years of winemaking who has never rested on their laurels--and the many uses of this building--museum, restaurant, cantina, and business headquarters. It's both the very public and the very private face of the Antinori family, and it's perfect.

Today, I'm delighted to offer some Antinori wines you know and love. First, there's a pair of Solaia bottlings, the 2012 and the 2011; both of these years were warm, but the nuances each bottling has shows how well Antinori knows its grapes, its vineyards and its viniculture. Buy a few bottles of each, open them up in pairs, and have the most delicious argument your table ever had over which is the more extraordinary. Next there are magnum bottles of the 2013 Tignanello, a classic, elegant and aristocratic wine. These wines are symbols of how Antinori never, ever fails to surprise, impress and delight.

Finally, don't let your summer pass without enjoying some Château de Pibarnon Bandol Rosé; the 2015 bottling is below!
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Classic, Elegant 2013 Tignanello Magnums
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Sergio Esposito
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Fiorano No. 47 Semillon 1994 750ml
Fiorano No. 47 Semillon 1994 750ml
Price: $124.00
Fiorano No. 46 Bianco 1994 750ml
Fiorano No. 46 Bianco 1994 750ml
Price: $165.00