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A “Legend in the Making” - The Finest Gran Reserva Since the 1964. Final 10 Cases.
May 19, 2020

Debut: A Spanish “Legend in the Making!” It’s the Finest Gran Reserva ‘904’ Since the 1964. Direct from the Historic Bodega and Old Rioja Cellar with a Decade of Aging. Final 10 Cases Has Arrived!

“A legend in the making.…It seems like yesterday when the superb 2001 was released, and now I already have the 2010 Gran Reserva 904 in my glass. It has to be among the greatest modern time vintages of this mythical bottling…future generations will talk about 2010 like we talk about the great classical vintages of yesterday today.” Luis Gutiérrez

After IWM sold 600 bottles in a few days, we asked ourselves how we could surpass the release of the rare 2010 La Rioja Alta Viña Ardanza Reserva Seleccion Especial? We have the answer — the finest Gran Reserva I have tasted in two years and Viña Ardanza’s iconic older sibling. Last month’s frenzy over the sold-out Viña Ardanza made sense; it was just the fourth time in the bodega’s history, which began more than a century ago, that the Viña Ardanza Reserva required additional aging and was given the almost mythic “Seleccion Especial” label. This special Reserva “Seleccion Especial” distinction speaks to the importance of 2010, a historic vintage in the making. But the historic 2010 vintage at La Rioja Alta only begins with 2010 Viña Ardanza Reserva Seleccion Especial!
As a wine enthusiast and collector, you likely know that 2010 is regarded as one of the world’s great universal vintages, and in Spain’s celebrated region of Rioja, the classic year challenges the classic benchmark years of 1964, 1973, 1994, 2001, 2004 and 2005. The iconic traditionalists of La Rioja Alta and López de Heredia delivered leaner, structured wines that showcase a Burgundian sensibility to the indigenous varietals of the area, and in 2010, you really get a sense of place or terruño (terroir) while remaining truly classic. Today’s special offering may just surpass that of the Viña Ardanza Reserva Seleccion. Our signature Rioja Gran Reserva just got better, and the hot buzz around the office this week is the FINAL ALLOCATION of the older sibling 2010 La Rioja Alta Rioja Gran Reserva ‘904,’ and it has just arrived in New York! I had the opportunity to sit down with La Rioja Alta’s winemaker, Julio Saenz, and company president, Guillermo de Aranzabal, to taste this important vintage. I personally have not seen them this excited about a vintage since the 1964 and 2001 releases. In fact, Julio Saenz emphatically stated that “the 2010 vintage is rated the rare ‘excellent,’ and is considered the second-best vintage of this century.”

Kudos once again to La Rioja Alta, who have been producing wine in the region since 1890 and continue to reach new heights while remaining true to tradition with fair pricing. Today, we are presenting the final ten cases at the special price of $69.99 per bottle, when you buy six or more, for a limited time only. We recently had the youthful and jaw-dropping 1982 La Rioja Alta Rioja Gran Reserva ‘904’ — and I expect the same age-ability and more from the 2010. This is a monumental release and expression.

Feature: Final 10 Cases of the Historic Gran Reserva and More… (Click to Order)

It truly is one of the biggest announcements and greatest values in Spanish wine since the earlier release of the 2004 La Rioja Alta Rioja Gran Reserva ‘904’! We celebrate the final allocation of the 2010 Gran Reserva 904 from Rioja’s pioneering estate with a collection of benchmark vintages and wines that are arguably the greatest interpretations of traditional Rioja. This includes vintages from the older sibling Gran Reserva '890,' which is the benchmark for great traditional Rioja. Both the '904' and '890' are Old World wines of finesse that exhibit telltale notes that will transport you to Rioja: sour cherry, blackberry, citrus, tea, allspice, leather, clove and more. With maturity, these old Riojas, as Neal Martin has put it, can "taste like a great old Burgundy, but the harmony, freshness and complexity is one of the finest I have encountered on any Spanish wine."

Additional Notes and Highlights:

2010 La Rioja Alta Rioja Gran Reserva 904
Christopher Deas, Italian Wine Merchants: “Tasted three times. This wine screams two things: Gran Reserva 904 and the classic structure and style of the vaunted 2010 vintage. I have been preaching the classic 2010 vintage with the Muga Prado Enea, CUNE Imperial, Remelluri Gran Reserva, Murrieta Gran Reserva, Viña Ardanza, and even the little López de Heredia Viña Cubillo, but the pinnacle interpretation of the vintage is the Gran Reserva 904. I sat down with winemaker Julio Saenz, who has not been this excited about a vintage since his inaugural 2001, and the estate has not been this excited since the 1964. For IWM and me, this is the finest expression since the 2004 and 2005, and it is one of those releases that takes you on a journey across the flavor spectrum and spice rack. You can expect to find nuances of black cherry, strawberries, red and black currants, citrus, black tea, allspice, Asian spices, clove, leather, tobacco, coffee beans, and more. We would add that in 2010, there is an extra layer of terruño and minerality that comes out in the wine, as well as texture that gains with air and unfolds with unparalleled depth and complexity. And that is just the beginning — this wine is a baby. While the wine will age another three decades, it can be enjoyed today with two hours of aeration and will gain weight in the glass. At just 13.5% alcohol, It truly is a wine that satisfies the Rioja collector, but also the old-school claret enthusiast and the ardent Burghead. More importantly, if you love wine with a little age, this is the right price and place to start. Priced at under $60, this is a wine to buy by the cases, as it will age decades!”

96+ Points, Luis Gutiérrez, Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate: “It seems like yesterday when the superb 2001 was released, and now I already have the 2010 Gran Reserva 904 in my glass. It has to be among the greatest modern time vintages of this mythical bottling, where they aim for a wine that has a long aging potential. This is mostly Tempranillo with 10% Graciano and 13.5% alcohol, and it matured in fourth-used American oak barrels for four years, during which time the wine was racked every six months. It has the combination of elegance and power only the best vintages are capable of, with the classical aromas, great detail and nuance, very good balance and persistence. They consider 2010 among the best years of this century, and maybe future generations will talk about 2010 like we talk about the great classical vintages of yesterday today. The palate is polished but shows plenty of energy and tension, the tannins are very fine and elegant, and the flavors are focused and clean. This has to be one of the greatest wines from the vintage. A legend in the making.” 6/19

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