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Tua Rita Redigaffi 2012 Debut, the Sassicaia of Patagonia, and Vintage Valentini!
May 21, 2014
A Note from Sergio

Some of Italy's best wines got their start when ordinary, everyday Italians decided winemaking might be fun. Sergio Manetti, the Sangiovese purist who created Le Pergole Torte, is one example. Similarly, three cousins inadvertently started the cult Campania estate Galardi when they turned to winemaking as a hobby, and Giuseppe Castiglioni didn't expect his puttering to begin an estate like Querciabella. Like those estates, Tua Rita began as a side venture, a lark, a hobbyist who made wine so good that they had to share it with the world--and the world is glad they did.

Today, I'm delighted to debut the Tua Rita 2012 Redigaffi. The name "Redigaffi" is all it takes to raise excitement in lots of wine lovers, and there's no question why. This Merlot grabs you and hugs you from the inside in a warm, enveloping embrace. It makes you feel good from your toes to your hairline, as if all is absolutely right with the world. Next to Masseto and alongside Le Macchiole's Messorio, which we offered last week, it's the best known, best loved, most collectable, fastest-selling Italian Merlot, and this 2012 should only heighten that status. It's a breathtaking wine of remarkable purity, and I feel certain you'll love it.

Along with this wine from hobbyist-turned-winemaker Tua Rita, I'm delighted to present two bottlings from two different estates whose makers more or less have wine in their blood. The first is from Piero Incisa della Rocchetta, the grandson of Mario Incisa, who created Sassicaia. Like his grandfather, Piero had a vision that led him to make fascinating wines in interesting places, but rather than stay in Italy, Piero went to Argentina. The Bodega Chacra Treinta y Dos 2010 offered today is his old-vine Pinot Noir from the high, dry plains of Patagonia. The second wine comes from the late great Edoardo Valentini, a man who so shrouded his estate in mystery that no one knows how he made his mind-bending Abruzzo wines. The 15-year-old Trebbiano d'Abruzzo we offer today will keep you from wondering too--it's just that indescribable and exceptional.


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Bodega Chacra Pinot Noir Rio Negro Treinta y Dos 2010 750ml
Bodega Chacra Pinot Noir Rio Negro Treinta y Dos 2010 750ml
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