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Superb $59 Collemattoni Brunello! Antinori's Value White! And Stellar Le Pergole Torte!
May 22, 2018
A Note from Sergio

It's hard to imagine that not that long ago Montalcino was just a dusty spot on the road to Chianti, yet only in the last century did Montalcino--and its famously ethereal wine, Brunello--grow into its own. Today, there are more than 200 wineries crowding Montalcino, quite a population boom from those lonely days when Brunello's father, Clemente Sante, carefully tended the vines that bore the fruit of his Sangiovese clones, grapes nicknamed "the little brown one."

It's easy to overlook smaller Brunello estates as you gravitate to marquee names, but when you do, you do yourself--and your palate--a disservice. Producers like Collemattoni are driven by terroir and tradition to craft wines that evoke their land, the scents that waft around them, and their experience. Winemakers like Collemattoni, whose outstanding 2013 Brunello I'm debuting today, are the lifeblood of places like Montalcino, a town that not too long ago was also overlooked. This '13 Collemattoni Brunello is a dazzling marriage of intensity and finesse, and if you love well-made, honest wines, you will love it.

Along with this Collemattoni Brunello debut, I'm pleased to bring you new allocations of two more client favorites, one a value-conscious deal and the other an unparalleled collector Sangiovese. First, there's Let Mortelle's sappy, mineral-driven and entirely elegant 2016 Vivia Maremma Toscana. This $25 white comes from the Antinori family, so you know it's delicious. Finally, I managed to score a few more bottles of Montevertine's silky, thrumming 2014 Le Pergole Torte. Martino Manetti, its maker, says this vintage is one of his favorites, and trust me, he knows what he's talking about!


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1. Spotlight on Excellence: Debuting the Intense, Finessed 2013 Brunello from Collemattoni
2. Only At IWM: Le Mortelle's $25 White, Vivia Maremma Toscana
3. Time Sensitive Offer: Its Maker's Favorite, Montevertine 2014 Le Pergole Torte
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My Best,

Sergio Esposito