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Finest Release Since the Immortal 1994. Old World Charm Delivered with Age Under $45!
May 23, 2020

Last Call – Ends Tomorrow at Midnight. The Finest Reserva from the Patriarch of Traditional Rioja Since the 1994. Its Old-World Charm and 12+ Years of Age Direct from the Cob-webbed Bodega Cellar. Plus, NEW Selections Added.

“This has to be one of the finest vintages of Viña Tondonia Reserva of recent years.” — Robert Parker's Wine Advocate

There is something magical about a visit to the ancient winemaking village of Haro and the fabled cob-webbed catacombs of Lopez de Heredia. No other winery invokes the heritage and prestige induced by R. Lopez de Heredia It is a must visit for the wine enthusiast and culinary seeker - to see and experience the wines and food Rioja with lamb chops grilled over vine shoots is a treat for the senses. Today, we are recreating this and bringing traditional Rioja to you. Due to the overwhelming response to last week’s offering, we requested more of this upcoming arrival. Today is now our official last call on one of the iconic labels and our favorite Old-World expressions. The historic 140+ year-old Bodega López de Heredia recently released the 2007 Rioja Reserva from the prized Viña Tondonia vineyard, and while it is often the aged Gran Reservas that receive all the press and attention, it is the Viña Tondonia Reserva, along with the Viña Bosconia Reserva, that quickly sell out with each vintage release. With the 2007 release, the wine has captivated us as the finest expression since 1994, even surpassing the benchmark 2004 and challenging last year’s important 2006 release. It is a cooler, more classic vintage, with lower alcohols, making it perfect for the purist. What impresses us most is the remarkable freshness that persists twelve years later. Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate and James Suckling agree, noting, “This has to be one of the finest vintages of Viña Tondonia Reserva of recent years.”

For Italian Wine Merchants, it is another exceptional release, and after more than twelve years of aging, our final allocation of the symbolic Viña Tondonia has arrived, still a baby coming to market direct from the estate’s medieval, cobwebbed cellars in Haro! This is a legendary wine that reached its pinnacle expression in 2007, and for the final 24+ HOURS ONLY, IWM is making it available at $44.99 when you purchase six bottles or more! Buy what you can, as once it’s gone, it will become difficult to find. Where else can you find a wine of this pedigree, maturity, complexity, and ability to age much longer for less than $45?! This is what traditional Rioja is all about.


Note: Our final allocation of Lopez de Heredia begins to arrive next week

In many ways, Viña Tondonia is our “Bartolo Mascarello of Rioja,” the symbol for traditional Rioja. In fact, it is a wine that can please the Burghead and Nebbiolo enthusiast. An aged López de Heredia Rioja possesses many characteristics similar to an aged Mascarello Barolo, but a little more delicate, this Rioja is a wine of finesse that is host to a myriad of subtle nuances that are best illustrated with age. Nothing is more apropos than to label the López de Heredia estate as the “last of the Mohicans” for its staunch approach to preserving tradition. There are others, namely La Rioja Alta and Murrieta Ygay, but few remain as steadfast in their old school winemaking and dedication to releasing wine with some age. This is traditional winemaking at its finest, and little about López de Heredia and its winemaking has changed in more than 125 years. The family adheres to a doctrine blueprinted in the 1880s — still making wine only from their own vineyards, using natural yeasts, practicing long aging in wood, and eschewing filtration at bottling.

The signature wines of the López de Heredia estate are its two tinto crus, Viña Tondonia and Viña Bosconia. It should be noted that the Viña Bosconia is made from vines planted at a higher altitude, and it contains a larger percentage of Tempranillo. These two elements combine to produce wines that are more structured, with a brighter color, higher acidity and greater aging potential. Because the fruit ripens later at Bosconia, the harvest typically takes place a week or two later than at Tondonia. From the 2007 vintage, these are wines that capture the essence of López, while displaying varying degrees of blackberries, sour cherry and strawberry fruits, citrus, truffles, mushrooms, black tea, iron, allspice, tomato leaf, leather, cigar box, and various savory notes that will transport you to Rioja. These finessed wines are best decanted shortly before serving.

Additional Notes and Reviews:

“In terms of historical importance and tradition, the only Spanish wine estate that can show the same distinguished past and present day commitment to excellence found in the wines of Lopez de Heredia is Vega Sicilia in the Ribera del Duero.” –John Gilman, View From the Cellar

Christopher Deas, Italian Wine Merchants: “A worthy follow-up to the towering 2004 and 2005 expressions. If you are a traditional Rioja purist, you will once again appreciate this overachieving Reserva that arrives with twelve years of age. This is an expression that can please the Burghead and Nebbiolo enthusiast alike. The wine captures all the rustic nuances of Old World Rioja, but there is more precision from the cooler vintage, which adds depth and acidity to a medium-bodied frame. All the telltale and intoxicating aromatics that define this wine are here: black tea, allspice, and red and black fruits. On the palate, the flavor spectrum is well represented with red and black fruits, succulent black cherry, blackberries, tart strawberries, tomato leaf, blood orange, black tea, iron, spice, leather, sandalwood, and savory notes that will transport you to Rioja. The wine beings with musty truffle nuances and gains in depth and density as it breathes. We recommend letting this wine breathe and enjoying over the course of a few hours while watching how it evolves. There is less dill nuance here than some of its Haro neighbors might exhibit, and it is another classic expression from the historic bodega. Stunning once again!”

96 Points, Luis Gutierrez, Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate: “Following the appreciation of the 2007 vintage from María José López de Heredia, the red 2007 Viña Tondonia Reserva is showing great, revealing unusual finesse and elegance. The nose is a little reticent but nuanced and complex, a little shy rather than explosive. The palate is medium-bodied, and the tannins are very refined. This has to be one of the finest vintages of Viña Tondonia Reserva of recent years.” 06/19

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