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The Wine That Made the World Drink Differently - Its Finest Release In 45 Years. Final Allocation!
May 26, 2020

The Wine That Made the World Drink Differently and Its Finest Release In 45 Years. A New and Final Allocation of 2016 Tignanello from Tuscany with the Arrival of “Baby Tig” and Badia di Passignano, All Pinnacle Expressions of Sangiovese!

“Two thousand sixteen has turned out to be an extraordinary vintage for Antinori. The family's wines in Chianti Classico are off the charts great. At the entry-level, the wines are incredibly delicious and have the added virtue of being made in large quantities, which means readers in many markets around the world will be able to enjoy them. The most improved wine is the Chianti Classico Gran Selezione Badia a Passignano, which now finally tastes like a wine of place, while at the upper end, both Tignanello and Solaia are truly majestic. The 2016s are marked by pure sensuality, with perfectly ripe tannins that feel like they aren't there at all. What a fabulous collection of wines this is.” –Antonio Galloni

You might say 2016 was not only the year of Tuscany, but also the year of Antinori. However, it did not end with the perfect “sunny one” in Solaia or the cult-like Matarocchio from the tiny hamlet of Bolgheri. Rather, Tignanello and all the Sangiovese-based wines of the Chianti region rewrote the books. As you know by now, winemakers and critics alike have called 2016 the new benchmark vintage for Tuscany, and the Tignanello release is widely considered the finest release in 45 years! The leading critics were not too far off in stating, “This wine is at the top of the list of some of the best Tignanello ever made, including the vintages 2007, 2009, 2010, 2013 and 2015."

Why? It’s simple. Like 2010 and 2013, 2016 is a classic year built on harmony and a more balanced growing season, where the wines express rich fruit and depth, but with
more finesse and elegance than years like 2011, 2012, and 2015. There is acidity and freshness from cooler conditions and a longer growing season that is simply awesome, and the aromatics alone will transport you to Tuscany and get you excited about the promise these wines have to offer. Antonio Galloni agrees, “A balanced growing season with no shock events produced a set of truly exceptional, highly promising wines. The 2016s are distinguished by their superb aromatic presence, silky tannins, layered fruit and fabulous sense of harmony. The 2016s I have tasted so far point to a high-quality vintage that may very well turn out to be profound.”

While 2016 is the year of Tuscany as a whole, it begins with the Chianti region and
the pioneering Tignanello, which remains the most Tuscan of all Super Tuscans due to its dedication to and focus on the noble Sangiovese. This bottle immediately recalls the Tuscan spirit and epitomizes Antinori's 600+ years of winemaking. We are pleased to announce that we have just secured a final twenty cases of the '16 Tig — and that is it. This is a final curtain call for the icon, but as IWM has always thought, "When is Tignanello not exceptional?" Furthermore, while we wait for the 2016 and 2017 Tignanello to arrive, we are including Antinori’s pinnacle Chianti expression, the 2016 Badia di Passignano and a more immediate and gratifying wine, the family's “Baby Tignanello,” the 2016 Marchese Antinori Tenuta Tignanello Chianti Classico Riserva.

The Antinori family produces its Tenuta Tignanello Chianti Classico Riserva from the same estate-owned vineyards as Tignanello, and the wine is essentially, as Antonio Galloni noted, “the second wine of the flagship Tignanello.” For IWM, it is a silky expression with the signature Antinori touch of elegance, married with the classic acidic spine of Sangiovese that provides a taste of Tignanello pedigree at under $40. There is plenty of drinking pleasure here while you wait for the older siblings, and it arrives just in time for your home-cooking explorations.

Featured Wine: Rewriting History with 2016 Sangiovese (Click to Order)

*indicates pre-arrival

While the flagship Super Tuscans are capturing the headlines, the simple transporting pleasure that Chianti Classico can provide should not be ignored. When you combine prized fruit from Italy’s iconic Tignanello vineyard with the Antinori family's 600-year-old winemaking pedigree and the classic 2016 vintage, you can easily see how this wine will be a standout. The 2016 Antinori Chianti Classico Riserva has been produced from high altitude Sangiovese selections grown between Greve and the Pesa River Valleys, and it represents the finest grapes that do not make it into Tignanello. This is a wine that will offer plenty of drinking pleasure while you wait for Tignanello to age to perfection.

Additional Notes and Reviews:

“I can’t remember the last time I was this excited about Chianti Classico and its wines…The top 2016s have turned out to be just as extraordinary as I had hoped they would be….I don't think there is another wine anywhere in the world made entirely from estate fruit that can match Tignanello for quality, consistency and value within its peer group of top-flight reds.” –Antonio Galloni, Vinous

Christopher Deas, Italian Wine Merchants: “Since 2011, this wine has been bottled as Tenuta Tignanello Marchese Antinori Chianti Classico Riserva. The Sangiovese derives from the estate-owned vineyards of Tenuta Tignanello and the wine is very much as Antonio Galloni calls it, the second wine of the flagship Tignanello. It is New World meets the Old World, and the addition of Merlot with Cabernet Sauvignon provide for a softer and more generous expression of Chianti Classico Riserva. There is a juicy plushness and smoothness from the generosity of red and black fruits, which are brilliantly joined with nuances of black licorice, black olives, spice and a touch of leather with baked earth. Rich and elegant, it encapsulates the Antinori style and is simply enjoyable over conversation or food at the dinner table. It is the crowd-pleasing and perfect house Chianti.”

Antonio Galloni, Vinous: “One of the many highlights in this range, the 2016 Chianti Classico Gran Selezione Badia a Passignano is the most refined, elegant wine Antinori has made from their Badia a Passignano property. Medium in body and lithe, but with plenty of the fruit intensity that is typical of this site, the 2016 Badia captures a striking middle ground of richness and finesse that is captivating. Lavender, mint, blue/purplish fruit and licorice are all beautifully delineated. The gradual move towards less concentration in the cellar and larger 300 and 500-liter barrels has paid off handsomely. This is such a gorgeous Chianti Classico.”

Christopher Deas, Italian Wine Merchants: “Wow, this is classic and structured Tignanello at another level. There is unprecedented fruit purity and focus — the signature streak of acidity here is awesome. But this is a Tignanello that absolutely requires time. Difficult to fully access right from the bottle, but on day two, the wine integrates and hints at its massive potential. This is a savory expression and you can expect to find nuances of red and black fruits, cherries, wild berries, plum, licorice, baked earth, herbs and a touch of game. There is a reason all eyes are on this vintage, enthusiasts and collectors will be talking about this ten, twenty and thirty years from now. Put it in the cellar and forget about it. Enjoy the sleeper from 2014 – it is drinking tremendously right now or enjoy the 2016 Badia a Passignano.”

Antonio Galloni, Vinous: “The 2016 Tignanello is flat out stunning. Dark, dense and resonant, the 2016 s a wonderfully complete wine that will provide readers with decades of pure drinking pleasure. The 2016 is especially dark and brooding, and yet the tannins are incredibly polished to the point of being perceptible. In the glass, the 2016 is complete and regal, perhaps because of the super-classic blend of 80% Sangiovese, 15% Cabernet Sauvignon and 5% Cabernet Franc. The pedigree of the vintage comes through in the wine's extraordinary balance and total sense of finesse. I don't think there is another wine anywhere in the world made entirely from estate fruit that can match Tignanello for quality, consistency and value within its peer group of top-flight reds.”

Christopher Deas, Italian Wine Merchants: It is the most difficult Super Tuscan to secure – more difficult than even Masseto or Messorio as a mere 300 cases are produced – with a mere handful of magnums. It is, in fact, Piero Antinori’s swan song (before retirement). Matarocchio has only been produced and released in four vintages - 2007, 2009, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015, and, now from what might be the crowning achievement to date, 2016. This is a pure expression of Cabernet Franc made in limited release by the Antinori family from arguably the greatest vintage in Bolgheri next to the 2004 and 2010.”

Antonio Galloni, Vinous: The 2016 Bolgheri Superiore Matarocchio, the estate's pure Cabernet Franc, is stunning. Dark, sumptuous and super-expressive, the 2016 is a seamless, exotic beauty. Even with all of its richness, the 2016 remains finessed and nuanced to the core, with exceptional balance and tons of energy. This vibrant Bolgheri Cabernet Franc will drink well for many years.”

Cheers to the Tuscan patriarch whose family has been producing wine in the region for more than 600 years and continues to reach new heights while remaining true to its roots! This is an email ONLY offer. Should you have any questions on these exciting wines, or would like to take advantage of this offer, we are asking that you email orders back to me at, connect with your personal portfolio manager, or mention receipt of this offer if calling the store. All orders subject to confirmation and IWM is not responsible typographical errors on pricing.

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