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Beautiful, Affordable Big Red Duo from Clos Bellane!
May 29, 2019
A Note from Sergio

"Big Red" is a term we like to use a lot at Italian Wine Merchants. Whether we employ it to organize a tasting, create an offering, or simply describe the contents of a bottle, we like a Big Red. It's a term that brings to mind a host of connotations--the boldness, the appeal, and the unabashed lushness of the color red gets a gloss of intensification and power when paired with the word "big." But as much as I like "big red," and as frequently as I use it, the term still seems to call out for some explanation.

A big red isn't subtle. It's a wine that quickly warms your heart and suffuses your belly. Big reds tend to land in the middle in terms of alcohol, though they range in tannins from relatively low (like Dolcetto) to those that are quite high (like Barolo or Taurasi). One attribute that all big reds have is a nice, hefty body. The opulence and power of a big red can be attributed to its vintage, or its producer; big reds can come from a late harvest of the grapes or from the varietal; they can be the product of any number of variables. In fact, two of IWM's new favorite "big reds" aren't Italian at all; they're from the southern Rhône--and they're delicious.

Stéphane Vedeau bought Clos Bellane almost a decade ago, and he chose the estate because of its super-rare terroir. Surrounded by woods and fields, Clos Bellane sports the highest vineyards in all of the southern Rhône, and, even more, its steep, terraced vineyards all face east, so it naturally has a cool, classic climate that's made for finessed, fine-boned wines. I think you'll love the two Clos Bellane bottles offered today--they're gorgeous, they're unique, and they're under $55 a bottle, so you'll be able to enjoy these big reds early and often.

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My Best,

Sergio Esposito