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Rare Quintarelli Alzero Sale! Under $30 Dante Rivetti Barbera! And Mastroberardino Magic!
November 1, 2017
A Note from Sergio

If normal wines are paper airplanes, Quintarelli's wines are spaceships. Every quality is overblown--sweetness, acidity, tannins, texture, flavors, aromas--and at the same time, all the wine's qualities work in tandem; it's unimaginable. A Quintarelli wine is an exercise in contradiction. A Quintarelli wine befuddles the senses and enlarges the mind. A Quintarelli wine is larger than life, yet it's as detailed and nuanced as one of those tiny eighteenth-century portraits that require a jeweler's loupe to see properly. Whenever I drink a Quintarelli wine, I invariably ask myself one question: how can such an exaggerated wine convey such perfect poise and harmony?

This question haunts me every time I open a bottle of Quintarelli's Amarone or Alzero. It's a question that I've struggled to answer, and I'm not alone: scientists have tried to discover the secret of Quintarelli's appassimento wines, and they have failed. When Bepi Quintarelli was still alive, no one could understand how he made such detailed, powerful wines, and since his passing, his children have continued his inexplicable, unfathomable craft. We'll probably never understand how Quintarelli's wines work--all we can do is appreciate them.

Today, I'm proud to present nine vintages of Quintarelli Alzero, dating from 1984 (just the second vintage) to 2007 (the most recent release). Heady, intricate, opulent wines, these Alzero bottlings are also historic, nostalgic, and revelatory. These wines will tug at your heart and make your senses sing a hallelujah chorus--and all of these vintages are at special pricing. Of course, you can't drink a wine like Alzero every day, so there are also two Barbera wines from Dante Rivetti--they're well under $30, but they drink like a million bucks! And finally, don't miss Mastroberardino's '07 Taurasi Radici Riserva. It's gorgeous, and to me it tastes like home.


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Nine Vintages of Alzero, the Indescribable Quintarelli Jewel
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Stellar Under $28 Barbera Duo from Dante Rivetti
3. Time Sensitive Offer: Mastroberardino's Trendsetting Aglianico!
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Giuseppe Quintarelli Alzero 2007 1.5L
Giuseppe Quintarelli Alzero 2007 1.5L
Price: $999.00

2007 challenged Veneto’s winemakers with tempestuous weather, and this Alzero vintage is a towering triumph. Christmas cake, crushed flower petals, pencil lead, warm cigar wrapper and earth frame the luscious red and black fruits in this majestic, caressing ’07 Alzero. At once powerful and nimble, this Alzero is a study in contrasts, a kaleidoscopic wine that suffuses the palate with a brocade-like texture and offers years of exceptional drinking pleasure. As with the estate’s Amarone, Quintarelli treats Alzero’s grapes (a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot) with the appassimento technique, drying the grapes in single layers upon straw or plastic mats for 60 to 100 days to concentrate and intensify the flavor; it’s also the sole Quintarelli wine that matures in barriques, where it ages first for two or three years in French oak, followed by four years in Slavonian oak. more info