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Gaja Barbaresco 2016
November 1, 2019
A Note from Sergio

While he may have earned the reputation of being a rebel, Angelo Gaja's love of Piemonte and its winemaking traditions has always been his guide. People who know wine know that Angelo was an early adopter of aging his Piemonte wines in barrique and that he had no fear in foraying into non-traditional grape constituents. However, his choices were never about obscuring his grapes' natural beauty. So when others were adding yeasts, he didn't. When others stopped using super-large and well-aged botti, he didn't. When others scraped off the muffa bella--the beautiful mold that grows on the walls of old wine cellars--Angelo didn't. These things made his wines what they were, and what they were first and foremost were wines from Piemonte.

Angelo's choice to grow international grapes, his choice to use barrique, his choice to add small amounts of Barbera to his Nebbiolo in his cru Barbaresco and Barolo bottlings may have been untraditional, but they never masked what came first: his Piemonte roots. Gaja's roots have always shown in his estate's traditional cuvée Barbaresco, a wine that has always abided by DOCG rules and been unadulterated Nebbiolo. Today, I'm very proud to debut Gaja's breathtaking 2016 Barbaresco. It's an outrageously good vintage of Gaja's reliably amazing Barbaresco--and it may go down as one of the all-time greats. This 2016 bottling reminds me of Barbarescos from decades ago, and you who appreciate Barbaresco's weightlessness, its silken texture, its delicately kaleidoscopic palate, and its deceptive power will love this wine.

Our debut allocation of Gaja's landmark '16 Barbaresco is really tiny--so you who fiercely love Gaja won't want to hesitate in grabbbing a bottle or two because we're going to sell out fast!


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My Best,

Sergio Esposito