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Happy Singles Day! It’s Our Super Singles Flash Sale!
November 11, 2019
A Note from Sergio

Today, November 11, is Singles Day! A fairly new social holiday, Singles Day got its start in China nine years ago as a way of celebrating unmarried people. It didn't take long for Singles Day to spread across the world, and to morph from being a holiday that recognizes single people to being the world's biggest shopping day. When billions of Chinese are busy shopping, the rest of the globe notices.

While it's Singles Day today, I can't help but look forward to another holiday, Thanksgiving. In a couple of weeks, most of us will be gathered around a table with our loved ones eating one of the year's most important meals. I believe that wine should be fun, especially during the holidays. That's why I suggest you leave the pairing game to the sommeliers who spend twelve-hour days six days a week creating matches--or, alternatively, you explore on your own and accept that sometimes you'll make a bad match (while other times you'll find extraordinary pairings). Wine is a lot like dating: sometimes you fail, sometimes you succeed, but it's almost always enjoyable.

Today's Super Singles Flash Sale lets you take either route. You'll find more than 100 wines, all at special pricing. Pick your own wines for your holiday season, or ask an IWM portfolio manager to help you. Either way, you'll have fun, you'll discover something new, and you may even fall in love!


Today's Featured Sections Include:

1. Time Sensitive Offer: Special Pricing on More Than 100 Bottles of Wine!
2. Wine Events: Upcoming November / December Wine Tasting Events

My Best,

Sergio Esposito