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Return of the ’05 Gravner Anforas! Gravner’s Own Glasses! And Pavelot Pernand Vergelesses!
November 18, 2014 
A Note from Sergio

Josko Gravner is one of those producers who challenges you. He's more than a winemaker; he's a wine philosopher. He makes wines with a soul, and he makes them according to his own principles, tenets that hearken back thousands of years. Josko grows his grapes naturally and makes his wines without intervention, using anfora, clay vats so large that you could fit a person inside them, sunk into the earth. He believes in the power of nature so completely that to interfere with nature would be sacrilege, and his wines look, smell and taste like no other. They are simply otherworldly.

Gravner's wines are funky. They are not the bright, lemon-clear white that most people associate with white wines, and these are wines that won't be appreciated by eighteen out of twenty wine drinkers. Still, I've carried Gravner's wines for fifteen years because I believe in them and because I love them. I began carrying them because I want to support Gravner, and because I wanted to make certain that those two people who would love these wines could find them. I cared about that obscure ten percent. Those two people who found Gravner's wild, funky wines and loved them told their friends, and those friends then told their friends, and so on. I'm glad they have because these unique, indefinable, indescribable wines deserve all the love in the world.

A couple of weeks ago, I debuted the 2006 Gravner Breg Anfora and Ribolla Gialla Anfora. Today, I'm very pleased to offer a new allocation of the 2005 vintage of these wines--pleased because I love these wines, and pleased because repeated allocations shows how many people feel as I do: that Josko Gravner is a master winemaker. I'm also very happy to offer Josko's own wine tumblers, the hand-blown crystal glasses he designed for his wines. Like his wines, the show Josko's unwavering commitment to his winemaking, to nature, and to seeing these entities as one beautiful universal whole.



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