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Debuting Josko Gravner’s Superb 2010 Releases
November 18, 2019
A Note from Sergio

Josko Gravner's cantina is unlike any other I've visited. The lighting is high tech yet warm; the floor is earth. In the center sits a plain wooden platform, and on the wooden platform sits a plain wooden chair. All around the room, round wooden discs, like manhole covers, dot the earthen floor (underneath them, buried in the ground rest Josko's amphorae, the large clay pots where his wines ferment). It's a quiet, stark place, yet the air feels a little electric, a little magic. Josko, a man who is as much a winemaker as he is a philosopher, sits on the sturdy wooden chair for hours. Here, he contemplates--wine, nature, life, existence--it all swirls in his head, and it's all a mystery for Josko to revel in. Josko's ruminating seems to permeate his wine.

Josko is a patient man. "Every white wine must wait at least seven years before it is ready," he says. Imagine how every bottle of Gravner Breg and every bottle of Gravner Ribolla Gialla sits and matures, mingling in its big oak barrels for almost a decade before it comes to your table. While Josko became famous for letting his white grapes macerate for months in those clay amphorae, few people know how long he lets his amber wines rest in barrel before he bottles them. These are extraordinary wines made by an extraordinary man, and today, I'm proud to debut Josko Gravner's 2010 Breg Anfora and 2010 Ribolla Gialla Anfora. These two wines are indescribable, but Josko's wines always leave me fumbling for words. They're mystical, magical, unbelievable wines that hold you mesmerized from start to finish, and I feel fortunate to experience them every chance I get.


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My Best,

Sergio Esposito