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Antinori’s Spectacular $70 Brunello, Sassicaia Olive Oil, and Thrilling $32 Château Plince
November 25, 2014 
A Note from Sergio

There's no Thanksgiving in Italy. In fact, you have to special order a turkey from your macelleria, your butcher shop, to get one. But we do have feasts of thanksgiving, if not of Thanksgiving, and we do understand the emotional resonance of cooking for days, and sitting together for hours, eating and drinking. We understand the significance of food you eat only once a year, the anticipation that builds as you think about it, the ecstasy of enjoying it, and the bittersweet moment when your fork scrapes the last morsel off your plate. We Italians and we Americans are not alone; this ritual is a human thing. It's beautiful, and it should be savored.

Today, I'm pleased to present two IWM favorite wines and an IWM exclusive that isn't a wine--and each of these bottles brings something different to your feast, whether Thanksgiving or another festive meal where you and your loved ones share delicious food and express gratitude. First, I'm pleased to feature the 2008 Pian Delle Vigne Brunello di Montalcino from my very good friends Piero Antinori and his daughters. It's a stellar Brunello that's made all the more special for its being enjoyable right now. Juicy, spicy and acidic, this Brunello is a terrific accompaniment to turkey and its side dishes.

I'm also very pleased to offer a value Pomerol from Château Plince. This '07 has a few years on it, and it bursts with charm. Other retailers are selling this bottle for almost twice as much. You'll want to lay in more than one bottle of this beauty. Finally, I'm very happy to present liquid gold from Tenuta San Guido, the makers of Sassicaia. This olive oil is exquisite, which is what you expect from this elegant estate. Many winemakers grow their own olives and press their own olive oil. Few make oil this luscious, this unique and this velvety. It's pure pleasure to drizzle on your vegetables or bread, and it turns any meal into a feast.



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