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A Return to 2004 and 2006, Benchmark Artisanal Brunello for $65, and Vintage Soldera!
November 4, 2013
A Note from Sergio

In just a couple of weeks most Americans will be gathered around a table with loved ones eating what is probably America's most distinctive meal: Thanksgiving dinner. Thanksgiving festivities require a lot of planning. Where to get the turkey, yams, and cranberries? Who's going to bake the pies? And what's the right wine to pour?

Wine people love the holiday season for this very reason. They get a chance to prove their skills and play the food-and-wine matchmaker, that elaborate game where you try to pair every morsel of every bite to a particular wine. Do a little research on what to serve with your Thanksgiving meal, and you'll read things like "Pinot Noir for the turkey," "Gewürztraminer to balance the sweetness," or many other exact matches. 

The truth is that with holiday meals there are thousands of wines that would be perfect. Wine writers like to quote the clichés, telling you to match like flavors or saying, "what grows together goes together." But sayings like these aren't particularly helpful. Many wine enthusiasts have a hard time imagining what a wine tastes like from reading its label-or even its description. After all, even Chardonnay has at least as many styles as there are vineyards that grow it and producers who make it.

Here is my advice to my friends: Wine should be fun, especially during the holidays. It shouldn't be work. You shouldn't have to stress about it. But know that every bottle of wine, like every dish, has a time and place when it is most appealing. IWM's portfolio managers can help you do more than just fill your cellar or choose the perfect gift wine; they can also help you figure out what to serve with your Thanksgiving dinner--from your aunt's famous oyster dressing, to your grandma's traditional yams, to your own sour cream apple pie. 

Today, I'm proud to present wines that are ready for your table from the 2004 vintage--as well as wines from the 2006 vintage, some that are ready to pour now, and others that will definitely like a few years in the cellar. These were exceptional vintages in Italy, and given the size and breadth of this list, you'll likely want a guide, whether you're choosing for yourself or for others. Don't be shy about contacting IWM for help; my staff wants to help you make this holiday season the warmest, shiniest and most delicious yet!

Today's Featured Sections Include:


1. Spotlight on Excellence: Revisiting 2004 and 2006, Two Extraordinary Italian Vintages

2. Time Sensitive Offer: Canalicchio di Sopra 2004 Brunello for Under $65!

3. Our Experts Suggest: Burgundy and Brunello, Two "B" Wines that are A Class

4. Only At IWM: An IWM Exclusive, 16-Year-Old Soldera Riserva Brunello

5. Wine Events: The November Wine Festival at IWM



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Sergio Esposito