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Affordable, Biodynamic Piemonte Gems from Hilberg Pasquero!
November 8, 2019
A Note from Sergio

The wine world looks to Piemonte for the greatest interpretations of one major grape: Nebbiolo. The King of Wines, Barolo, and the Queen of Wines, Barbaresco, rule the region, while the People's Wine, Barbera, happily gets drunk by those of us waiting for those Nebbiolo wines to age. But Piemonte grows more grapes than these three. There's the floral Arneis, the fragrant Erbaluce, the full-bodied Bonarda, the aromatic Brachetto--and more.

The truth is that while some Piemonte producers have grown famous for their age-worthy, serious Nebbiolo wines, many of those famous producers also make easy-drinking, food-friendly, wines that are kind to your wallet. And then there are winemakers who live outside of Barolo and Barbaresco who devote themselves to the careful cultivation and vinification of other native Piemontese grapes that make food sing--any day or night of the week.

Today, I'm proud to feature two great interpretations of indigenous Piemonte grapes--and do it by introducing a new producer, Hilberg Pasquero. I love discovering new winemakers who are passionate, driven, and focused; Annette Hilberg and Mikio Pasquero possess these traits, as well as the willingness to make ethical, beautiful wines in ways that benefit the planet. Below you'll find Hilberg Pasquero's delectable, zingy 2016 Barbera d'Alba, and its unique, delicious 2016 Vareij, a blend of Barbera and Brachetto. Both priced under $26 a bottle, these wines do more than showcase indigenous Piemonte--they do it with panache and value, and you're going to love them.


Today's Featured Sections Include:

1. Only at IWM: Introducing Hilberg Pasquero with Two Beautiful, Affordable Wines!
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My Best,

Sergio Esposito
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Hilberg Pasquero '29.5 Per Alessandra' Barbera d'Alba 2016 750ml
Hilberg Pasquero '29.5 Per Alessandra' Barbera d'Alba 2016 750ml
Price: $19.99

Named for the length of the lunar cycle, this ’16 Barbera d’Alba is delicious, layering its crisp red and brambly blue fruits with warm tobacco, new leather, violet petals, warm loam, licorice and spices. There’s plenty of Barbera’s trademark acidity, but it’s complemented by lush dry extract, a sweet inner perfume, and a complex, persistent finish--this wine is terrific! Grapes derive from the estate’s southwestern-facing sandy, clayey Barbera vineyard; after fermenting for five days in temperature-controlled stainless steel with natural yeasts, the wine ages for a year in stainless and two months in bottle prior to release. more info
Hilberg Pasquero Vareij 2016 750ml
Hilberg Pasquero Vareij 2016 750ml
Price: $25.99

A rare blend of Brachetto and Barbera, Vareij marries floral aromatics with bracing acidity and elegant structure. Fistfuls of rose and violet petals frame the succulent red and blue fruits of the extremely pretty ’16 Vareij; baking spices, newly turned earth, savory minerals and wild herbs provide a compelling backdrop. This wine glides across the palate, gathering a sneaky power as it builds to a balanced, elegant and sustained finish--it’s a sheer delight! Mostly Brachetto with about 40% Barbera, the biodynamically tended grapes ferment for seven to fifteen days in open-top stainless steel, and the wine ages for about a year in stainless steel to preserve the fruit and the terroir. more info