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A Debut of Old Vine, Biodynamic Pinot Noir from Piero Incisa Della Rocchetta for the Italian Wine Lover & the Burghead!

New Arrival: Perfection from 80-Year-Old Pre-Phylloxera Vines and the Windswept Plains of the Rio Negro Valley. It is the Debut of Old Vine, Biodynamic Pinot Noir from Piero Incisa Della Rocchetta Delivered with Unrivaled Pedigree and Value!

“I nearly fell off my chair when I first put my nose in the glass…” Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate

Right on the heels of our “Final Allocation of 2015 Sassicaia” offering earlier today, we could not think of a more appropriate producer to follow. This old quote above on Bodega Chacra Cincuenta y Cinco, from a few years back, remains true today and every vintage. For the Tuscan wine lover and Burghead, it is simply hard not to get excited about the recent releases of the 2019 Pinot Noir Cincuenta y Cinco and the highly anticipated 2018 Treinta y Dos. Produced from old Pinot Noir vines planted in 1932 grown on its original rootstock and the winemaking hands of Piero Incisa Della Rocchetta, the new release of the Treinta y Dos may just be the pinnacle expression. It is no surprise to us that the flagship wine of the estate received a well-deserved 100-Point perfection from the critics. As you know at IWM, press and scores are not everything, they are a nice complement to the producer and their hard working team, but there is so much more to this rising star than numbers that has captivated us over the past three decades.

Regardless of the well-deserved press, you have heard us say it ad nauseum over the years: the wines of Bodega Chacra are easily some of the finest expressions of Pinot Noir (and now Chardonnay) outside Burgundy and remains one of the great insider tips from the noblest varietal in all of wine. The producer and wines have a long history at Italian Wine Merchants and are a sentimental favorite for the IWM team and so many of our loyal patrons. It is the first Pinot Noir we proudly carried, and more importantly, it is a wine that stretched our mind as to what can be achieved by the noble varietal outside of Burgundy in the right hands, from the right terroir, and with a strict adherence to biodynamic principles and practices. It is the culmination of these efforts spanning over three decades that have delivered this monumental wine.

The noble varietal here showcases a unique, pure, uninterrupted expression of the land and Piero’s holistic approach in the vineyards and cellar. These are not extracted or weighty wines you might expect from Argentina, rather these are wines of purity, elegance, and complexity with an inner perfume which few wines can achieve. Do not miss out on the age-worthy Treinta y Dos, as well the younger sibling, Cincuenta y Cinco, which derives from 50+ year old vines for the perfect crowd-pleasing Pinot Noir. This is one of the true noble expressions of Pinot Noir outside of Burgundy that can challenge the Premier Crus at a fraction of the price at just $45. We have also included the inspiring Bodega Chacra Chardonnays made in conjunction with the Burgundy Maestro himself, Jean-Marc Roulot. Stay tuned for more on the whites – an exciting story that warrants its own offering.







Bodega Chacra: (Pinot Noir)

(6t Bottles)

Bodega Chacra Pinot Noir Cincuenta y Cinco 55





Bodega Chacra Pinot Noir Trienta y Dos 32





Bodega Chacra Pinot Noir Trienta y Dos 32* (limit)





Additional Selections: (Chardonnay)

Bodega Chacra Mainque Chardonnay





Bodega Chacra Chardonnay





Final Allocation – Tenuta San Guido:

Tenuta San Guido Guidalberto





*indicates six bottle limit per purchase for the 2018 Treinta y Dos

Bodega Chacra is the Sassicaia meets Burgundy story in many ways, but with the additional influence of Rudolf Steiner on the wind-swept plains of the Rio Negro Valley. Here, Piero Incisa della Rocchetta, the grandson of the late Marchese Mario Incisa della Rocchetta, the individual responsible for Sassicaia and launching what became the Super Tuscan movement, delivers the same passion and avant-garde spirit of his grandfather but with Pinot Noir. In fact, Piero searched the world in pursuit of the perfect Pinot vines and he found them in the abandoned vineyards of Patagonia, Argentina. The old vineyards were planted in 1932 and 1955, and what makes them even more unique is that these are true pre-phylloxera vines – pure Pinot Noir sans the American rootstock. To complement this fairytale-like story, the wines not only reflect the old vines or the terroir of the desert and influence of the Andes, but Piero’s biodynamic (Demeter Certified) and “pure winemaking” approach that rejects modern machinery, chemical insecticides, and the abusive use of sulfites. Few Pinots we have tasted are this clean, aromatic and pure, or deliver such a palate-staining finish with concentration - while remaining so light on their feet.


Christopher Deas, IWM: The flagship wine of the estate, Treinta y Dos (or 32), is the prized cru named after the eponymous vineyard, which was planted by settlers nearly a century ago in 1932. It is worth noting again, that the Treinta y Dos vines are planted on their original rootstocks, which is a contributing factor in the wines depth and complexity. As a New World wine from Argentina you might be expecting a high alcohol, fruit forward wine with generous amounts of oak; the wine is in fact composed and structured clocking in at just 12.5% alc., displaying the fragrant and nuanced red fruit flavors associated with classic Pinot. But there is more here, and this is truly a distinctive expression of Pinot presenting the influence of Patagonian terroir, which includes a dimension of earth, and, more specifically, minerals from the soil. For us, it is more powerful and masculine than the sibling Cincuenta y Cinco. There is an awesome coiled core of pure fruit and energy here, nuances of raspberries, cherries, citrus, dried fruit, crushed flowers and herbs. The signature of the wine is that there is concentration but the wine remains light on its feet with an inner perfume that just echoes throughout the mid palate and lingers for a long, pronounced finish. We have followed these wines closely since the initial vintage of 2004, and we can personally say bravo for a standout expression from this experienced, rising star who was born with wine in his veins.“

100 Points, James Suckling: The structure of this is phenomenal and redefines pinot noir in Argentina. Aromas and flavors of dried strawberry, iodine, oyster shell, wet earth, fresh mushrooms and flowers. Full-bodied, tight and focused with chewy tannins and a long, extensive mouth feel. Better after 2024."

Christopher Deas, Italian Wine Merchants: “The Cincuenta y Cinco, pure Pinot Noir from a vineyard planted in 1955 as captured in its name - Cincuenta y Cinco). It is vibrant expression that screams Bodega Chacra right from the glass on the nose and palate. All the signature red fruit nuances are there, it is an explosion of red and blue fruit with bright cherries, raspberries, pomegranate, cranberries, a touch of citrus along with the perfect accent of crushed flowers, dried herbs and earth. For IWM team, this is the most delicate, finessed and arguably purest expression to date – at just 12% alcohol, this is a wine that you can drink the whole bottle (as we did) and not feel the aftermath. While elegant and light on its feet, there is a concentrated core that persistently builds and lingers, echoing throughout the palate that says Cincuenta y Cinco. With air-time, the wine gains weight and texture and it is our recommendation that it should be allowed to breathe. What can we say, we love this Burgundian-like expression that remains uniquely Patagonia and continues to make you rethink what the noble varietal can achieve outside the Cote d’Or. Well done, once again.”

98 Points, James Suckling: "The blue-fruit character is impressive with intense, violet and floral character, which turns redder with earthier notes. Full-bodied, tight and very chewy, yet the tannins spread across the palate, releasing pure, seductive fruit and tense, bright acidity. Try after 2022."

Christopher Deas, Italian Wine Merchants: "This is truly an exciting new chapter for Chardonnay and Bodega Chacra. Piero has opened our eyes and ears to Pinot Noir from Patagonia, and now with Jean-Marc Roulot, he is doing it with Chardonnay. There are two cuvées, the more village-like Mainque Chardonnay, which is produced from both domaine and rented vineyards, and the more vineyard-specific 2019 Chacra Chardonnay., produced from 40-year-old vines in mineral soils with alluvial stones covered in calcaire. Each has the signature Roulot cut of freshness, purity, and salinity, combined with Piero’s concentration without extraction — a mouthful of fruit, but incredibly light on its feet. With old-vine Chardonnay, you will find more cut, minerality and energy. You can expect to find nuances of lemon curd, lime, green apples, maíz, fleur del sol — delicate touches, not what you would expect from the desert with temperatures reaching the 128 degree mark. There is brightness with the ripeness and texture, just enough tension to separate and put this wine in a league to itself. With aeration, the wine displays an awesome inner perfume that echoes on the finish. An absolutely stunning, stunning effort (if you can find it). What a great wine to pour blind and stir up conversation. Like Piero’s Pinot Noir, more proof that truly exceptional Chardonnay can be made outside of Burgundy."

99 Points, James Suckling: "The tension and density are so in balance, showing flint and matchstick notes. Full-bodied, creamy and very salty with a long, focused finish. Love the tight, subdued character here. A thoughtful, serious wine that needs contemplation. Drinkable now, but better in 2022 and onwards."

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